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Moxxie Maddron Interview

Biff posts to XPT:

1. Where did you get your name?

Several years ago, I was working in a restaurant/lounge, and a regular customer always called me Moxie. I asked him why, he said, “well, girl, you gotta lotta Moxie!” I looked up its definition that evening. ( . It definitely suited me!! I liked it. I began using it as a login name online, adding another x, since I did not want to spell it the same as the soda!! I also used it as an out of town alias the occasional weekend when a friend and I would get the hell out of our tiny lil podunk hometown to go get into trouble and have some fun.
So at my first shoot, I used Moxxie. Later, when the woman doing my paperwork asked about a last name, I wanted something alliterated, asked if she had any suggestions? “Didn’t you say your friends name started with an ‘M’?” She asked. “He’s been sitting outside in the car all day waiting to take care of you.” The scene was a very heavy b.d.s.m shoot, and a friend had come with me, and waited in the car all day, making sure I was safe, and to drive me the 2 hours home, knowing I would be in no condition to drive myself home afterward. “Why don’t you make it a tribute to him?” So Moxxie Maddron it was.
Of course at the time I was convinced this was a one time thing only!! Not the start of a new career!!

2. If you weren’t in porn, what would you be doing?

I already am doing what I want to do outside of porn. Working in porn just facilitates my primary job of being a full time mom. I am very grateful and happy to work in an industry that in a few days, I make what it would take me a month of busting ass to earn the equivalent to at a normal job, while paying a sitter to be home with my daughter, instead of me.
Not to mention how much I get to enjoy my work!! ! Filth, fucking, fun, meeting some of the most open minded people you will ever meet… Simply people watching on set some days ends up being way more entertaining than anything Hollywood could fabricate. Its a pretty fanfuckintastic job!!
I am also learning a lot of off camera aspects of the industry. Production work, editing, and I will be directing my first scene soon! I am very excited about that!

3. What’s the one thing someone shouldn’t do in a scene with you?

Isn’t answering something like this like handing ammunition to a would be an assassin holding an unloaded gun? However, I have never worked with anyone who would intentionally things I don’t like, so I think I’m safe!!
**Don’t ask me to call you Daddy during sex. Please. Be serious. The last thing I wanna think about while I’m getting thoroughly fucked is my DAD!! If someone says to me, “Who’s your Daddy??” I give them an honest answer. I tell them my dads full name!! Well, He asked!!
**Asking “Is that all you got?” while your cock is buried down my throat, to the base, and I’m licking your balls. First, Its shitty Grammar. Second.. What more can I possibly do at that point? Please, do tell?
**During anal… I hate it when a guy puts his cock in.. then pulls it out.. back in again.. and out.. C’mon dammitt… if you’re gonna fuck my ass..then FUCK MY ASS!!! If you don’t mind, bury your cock in my ass, then fuck it deep and hard, like you fuckin mean it. Please and thank you.
**Those are more like some really annoying pet peeves.. preferences, requests, huge turn offs.. whatever. This last one is the one thing someone not only shouldn’t do, but better NOT do.
*Don’t EVER piss on me. This is non negotiable. Except maybe for a bizzillion dollars. Then I will consider it.

*On a side note*
Not really a scene do or don’t, but I would much rather suck dick, than have my pussy licked. Any complaints??

4. What’s your favorite position?

Doggie. Bent over something (furniture, counters, other people, walls, whatever! lol). Mish. Doggie.

5. What do you do in your spare time?

I’m usually rather boring. I stay home with my daughter and be mommy. I spend time with my family, my boyfriend when he can be here in Oregon, with my animals, a cat, and three daschaunds (wiener dogs!!) I love to cook, and I bake a lot, work on my house, avoid doing dishes

Going to the park. Recently we started rollerblading. I spend entirely too much time on my computer doing work related misc. emails, research, reading current industry gossip (lol) press, etc. and working on learning, practicing, and hopefully someday mastering several different programs so I can be more involved in the technical side of production. All knowledge is good I like to learn all I can about anything I can!!

6. Have you ever been pissed off enough by someone during a scene to want to gouge their eyeballs out?

Eyeball gouging?? Graphic!!
Its a pretty rare event that I get really pissed, anywhere in my life. Getting all flipped out doesn’t ever solve anything, or fix a situation.
Pissed off during a scene? I would say more frustrated and angry with myself for getting myself into situation that wasn’t cool. That happened more than once when I first started out. Being new, and naive.. not knowing better, working for shady bottom feeding fucks that pull all the tricks in the book.
There was one director in particular, I don’t know about wanting to gouge out his eyes, but I’m sure that that if someone shoved a dirty, rusty, plumbing snake into the head of his penis and probed till he choked on it, many girls that have worked for him would think it was quite deserving. (hhmmm…. I guess that was a lil graphic too, huh!!)
I never was pissed off. Just more like afraid. Upset I got myself into that position, and saddened that this is something that happens to a lot of girls, and they get away with it. Being abused, and degraded is one thing. It can sometimes even be really fun!! But certain things are just not ok, ever.

7. What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that we don’t already?

I am not sure how to answer that. Anything I say will probably be flagged by someone with a cranky lil (yet strangely cute) emoticon holding up a signing that reads “whore’s lie” or, “see XPT Rule #1”
About me. I am very… Nice. Its a weak word, yet true. I defend people, I always try to the positive side of any situation, no matter how hard it may be to sometimes see. Instead of looking at the world straight on, I try to tilt my head a little, and see things from a slightly different perspective, because things almost always, are not exactly what they seem. I’m a firm believer in the saying, there is a reason for everything. Sometimes it seems like TOTAL bullshit, and its absolute hell while you are waiting to fight your way to get there.. but when the reason makes itself clear in the end.. it all makes sense. And when you finally find out what you were fighting so hard for, you appreciate it that much more. I believe that you should never regret anything you have done, or that has happened to you, so long as you have either learned from it, or you can help others not experience it because you did. I help people, frequently too much, but I am ok with that. I take in strays. I think all great parents ought to get a paid weeks vacation a year, and all bad parents should have to go to FULL time parenting school until they reach good parent status.
I live in Oregon, in an area that is not all that exciting, but there is little to no crime, traffic is a redlight, its a good place to raise a child, you can afford to rent an actual house, with a yard, things that are all important to me.

8. Whom do you prefer – guys, gals, or both?

I love dick!! I’m all about penetration.. I have 3 perfectly greedy holes happy to be penetrated!!
But a beautiful woman.. especially an aggressive one!! Mmmmmmm… To tell you the truth.. I have very, very little experience with women. I have about as much skill as a high school boy. Without a car. It makes me feel very inadequate! I am a total pleaser, I like to do a good job.. with guys, i am reasonably skilled, know my way around. With women.. I’m like… ummm… what does this button do??? Don’t get me wrong!! That doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn!!

9. What is on the horizon for Moxxie?

Chris King and I got together, and we decided to start our own production company. Monarch XXX Media. We wanted to shoot some quality video, with beautiful stills, casting scenes with talent that cant wait for the camera to roll to start fucking. Hot, filthy fucking, sexy energetic performers, quality sound, video, lighting, stills, Each episode bringing in a different,new, kick ass band and featuring their music on the soundtrack, rather than prerecorded mixes. The Instigator will be hitting the street at the beginning of June. We will be starting production on the Instigator 2, next month, and hopefully number 3 soon after. Its gonna be lots of fun,and I cant wait to get started on it!! I will be doing some directing as well as starring in the continuing series. ‘Do it Dirty, or Don’t Bother’ will definitely be ever present in every scene we shoot. It makes it much more fun to shoot, perform, and watch scenes that are really truly hott, not just people going through the motions.
I also have a couple Vivid movies that will be out soon.. (no, NOT the warm fuzzy condom ones.. TRUST ME!!) Some from a few other companies as well.. A magazine article, another mag layout.. I have some cool shoots coming up at the end of the month I am looking forward too, as well.

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