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Moxxie Maddron takes over FOX Magazine!

Moxxie Maddron takes over FOX Magazine!

She writes-
Not ONLY does it have a super hot layout of me… getting fucked in the ass… But it also has lots of other hot whores to spank it to!!

AND there is a contest to win signed copies of my movie, Moxxie Maddron Goes To Hell.

AND it also has a tear out 2009 Porn Pig calender!! And as a self proclaimed dirty lil fuck pig.. I fit right into that calendar surrounded by some of the dirtiest girls in porn!!

As if that wasnt enough… there is more. If you read it too, not just look at the naughty images.. You will see that they announced that I am now the official editor for not only Fox, but also the new extention of Fox.. Fox Extreme!!

As the new ‘Head Hellraiser’ I will be writing an article each month, keeping everyone updated with the dirty details on my fan fucks, and what other debauchery I may get myself into!!

Thank you to everyone over at Fox, and Magna for bringing me on board!! Its an honor, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to spread my words AND my legs for you!! *wicked grin*

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