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Mr. Biggz: “Lowest Piece of Shit I Have Ever Encountered”

From Craigslist:

The post is to warn everyone out there that Virgil Cannon, the black adult film actor who does gay adult films under the name of BAM and who does straight porno under the name of Mr. Biggz is a low life, piece of shit thief. He was at my house this past Saturday night and after I feel asleep watching movies, went into my bedroom rummaged through my drawers and stole $3000.00 in AIDSWALK donations that I worked my ass off collecting and was ready to turn in the next day at the AIDSWALK and snuck out in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness.

Over the years I have known him, he never had a fucking dime to his name and mooched food, cigs, clothes, money and other shit every time I saw him, so I have always known he was a loser, I just felt sorry for him. Ripping off people like me who trusted him and invited him into their home and steal money that hard working people have donated to help people suffering from AIDS makes Virgil Cannon aka BAM aka Mr. Biggz the most despicable low class parasite there is.

Virgil Cannon is a far cry from being a Mr. Biggz. The truth is, Virgil Cannon is a small, pathetic human being. He is one of those deadbeat dads who knocks women up and then fails to pay child support, sells his dick like a common whore rather than earn an honest living, puts his fellow adult film actors at risk by having unprotected gay sex with homeless meth addicts, is a pathological liar, and is a complete and utter disgrace not only to his mother.

I hope this warning will save at least one person from being ripped off and scammed by this petty thief and perhaps make you consider boycott watching or purchasing his movies. He is a liar, a thief, a con man and the lowest piece of shit i have ever encountered and should be exposed and locked away from society for a very long time.

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