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Mr. Confidential

Gene Ross reports about last night’s Prime Time Uncensored:

Addressing the book [Samuel] Bernstein wrote which is titled Mr. Confidential [the history of that eponymous Hollywood gossip mag from the Fifties], Armstrong said Bernstein was an authority on celebrity scandals. An overlooked one being the fact that Paris Hilton has size 11 feet.


“And I heard Howard Hughes was a homo,” chimed in Armstrong also of the opinion that Clark Gable had been gay.

“George Cukor gave him a blowjob once or twice,” mused Bernstein but thought that wasn’t enough evidence to put Gable in the homo category. Bernstein also recalled an untold story where actor Robert Mitchum walked into a Christmas party naked, put ketchup on his penis and allegedly asked, “Which one of you fags wants a hot dog?”

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