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Mr. Marcus is back … thanks to Vivid

I read an article today from Adult FYI that made my stomach turn. I still can’t believe it’s true. But it seems that the folks over at Vivid have decided to bring Mr. Marcus back. Despite the hundreds of good people they could have hired, they instead decided to work with Mr. Marcus. SERIOUSLY?! SHAME ON YOU VIVID!!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t recall, Mr. Marcus had syphilis and knew it. He then lied about it and faked his STD tests so that he could (AND DID) work with others. He was convicted of this crime and run out of the adult industry as he should have been.

He knew he had a very serious STD, lied about it and FAKED HIS TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of sick piece of s hit does that?

Mr. Marcus didn’t accidentally infect someone with a very serious STD, he did it on purpose. He knew for a faction he had it and faked his test – and that makes him the lowest of the low.

What the fuck is wrong with you Vivid? Why are you hiring Mr. Marcus after what he did?

If you needed someone to work with, why wouldn’t you hire someone actually deserving? SHAME ON YOU VIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(this is Rob Black’s post from his site at AdultFYI)

Guess Who’s Back? Mr. Marcus Brought Back Into The Fold By Vivid; Is Marc Wallice Next?

I want to talk about something that obviously flew under the radar for a lot of you. It was posted in AVN on April 4th which was Friday.

The article read:

“Porn Biz Drops Its Drawers for ‘Joan & Melissa’ Season Opener”

“Hollywood and the Other Hollywood met up for a little nookie last Saturday in the season opener of Joan & Melissa, the “Joan Knows Best” show that’s going on its fourth year. The opener’s title was “The Sex Tape,” with the main plot revolving around one of the Rivers women strongly considering making a sex tape and putting it on the market. Spoiler alert: it isn’t Melissa.”

“That’s right, the octogenarian comedienne who’s made an entire generation of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons rich convinces herself, following a guest appearance on Kris Jenner’s talk show that, according to the show’s page on, “in order to build a Kardashian-sized empire she must make a sex tape.””

“Melissa—who is informed of this idea by her former boyfriend, Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch, who calls her the second a determined Joan Rivers leaves his room after asking to meet him at his offices in the Vivid building to discuss how many millions she could make from her sex tape—is mortified, and tries to talk her mother out of the idea. But Joan is hell-bent, undeterred by the stash of porn DVDs given her by Hirsch, or the visit he sets up for her to visit a porn set, both of which, Hirsch assures a panicked Melissa, will surely dissuade her mom. Not even close.”

The next porn stop for the elder Rivers is a casting call to find her scene partner, only in this one they are brought into a room and lined up like criminals while Rivers and her two friends sit behind a one-way mirror and give the men directions via a microphone. The men are all known and experienced porn studs—Mr. Pete, Tommy Pistol, Michael Vegas, Mr. Marcus


“…James Bartholet and Alan Stafford. After briefly explaining who they are and what their individual sexual specialties are, the men are told to disrobe and speak a few lines from sides provided them. The session ends miserably, however, when they are asked if they are open to performing with an older woman. As the age creeps from 60 to 70, a few men bow out and start getting dressed; at 80, everyone gives a thumbs down and soon the room is empty, leaving Rivers a little put out, but still enlightened.”

“”I saw more junk in that room than you see in a whole season of Hoarders,” she joked. As far as what happens in the end, well, let’s just put it this way: Joan and Ray J. are both fulfilled.”

“Kylie Ireland also makes an appearance in the episode, as do Ash Hollywood and Cody Sky, and Kenny, directing the poolside scene for Vivid.

“”The Sex Tape” can be seen on YouTube here.”

They then have a link to a YouTube vid which has 2,375 views, which doesn’t seem like a lot, considering how famous Joan Rivers is. But that’s not the thing which stood out. I think you know what does.

Mr Marcus was part of this skit.

Now we can make jokes all day and say, “What is the next episode? Where Marcus gives her syphilis?” When Joan asks all the boys what their specialities are, Marcus can say spreading Syph Love. All You Need is Syph. Syph Makes the World Go Round. Syph is a Many Splendored Thing. We could have a laugh riot.

I have some questions. When was this episode shot and at what point was Mr. Marcus allowed back into the porn business?

I’ll tell you this. You wanna talk about blacklisting people and talk about doing things to piss off the industry and nobody will hire you? If somebody can infect numerous people with syphilis and bring a national and international media spotlight on the industry about a guy who hid his test results and infected people with syphilis, if this person can be forgiven and be allowed to return to the business and make money, then there is no such thing as an industry blacklist. There is no such thing as being banned.

I’m actually hearing through the grapevine that Mr. Marcus is back doing scenes. Mr. Marcus is actually working again. When I heard that a few weeks ago, I said that it was impossible. But when this Joan Rivers video popped up, I can see that it’s 100% possible. The Joan Rivers episode was shot recently and the Mr. Marcus syphilis incident happened in 2012, so it was obviously shot after the scandal. Was this season opener of Joan and Melissa shot over 2 years ago? I don’t think so.

This Joan Rivers/Vivid collaboration was shot after the Mr. Marcus syphilis scandal. Who over at Vivid loves Mr. Marcus and his big black cock so much that he is brought back into the fold and is shooting, performing and appearing on TV with Joan and Melissa Rivers?

It’s also obvious that the other performers don’t give a shit about Mr. Marcus returning. Mr. Pete didn’t give a shit about appearing alongside Mr. Marcus. Neither did Tommy Pistol, Michael Vegas, James Bartholet or Alan Stafford. None of these people gave a shit about standing alongside and performing with somebody who faked their fucking test. Cool. OK.

Again, who at Vivid loves Mr. Marcus’ syphilitic cock so much that they are welcoming him back to porn? Marci? Steven? Bill Asher?

Now, other people have been ostracized for concealing disease and infecting others. Look at Marc Wallice. At this point, I really don’t see why he shouldn’t be welcomed back as well. The fact that he has HIV/AIDS shouldn’t be an issue now, since people like John Stagliano are allowed to perform. Marc Wallice is still alive, so you know he’s been on medication like Stagliano, so his viral load is virtually non existent.

If John Stagliano is allowed to perform, then Marc Wallice should be allowed to perform. That’s number one. Two, Mr. Marcus hid his status. No different than Marc Wallice. Mr. Marcus infected people with syphilis because he faked his test. Marc Wallice infected people with HIV because he faked his test. Mr. Marcus is now performing in scenes and is appearing on TV with Joan and Melissa Rivers and Marc Wallice has been ostracized to Las Vegas or wherever the hell he is now. Why is Mr. Marcus different than Marc Wallice? Can anybody explain that to me?

I’ve just laid out instances where both men did the exact same thing. Mr. Marcus gets syphilis. Marc Wallice gets HIV. Mr. Marcus faked his test. Marc Wallice faked his test. Both syphilis and HIV are potentially life threatening diseases.

Mr. Marcus faked his test and infected other performers because of it. There’s no denying that fact. I have notes from Dr. Miao that show this to be the case. These performers didn’t get syphilis out of the blue, it came from Mr. Marcus. Marc Wallice infected performers with HIV because of a faked test. Marc Wallice is ostracized and Mr. Marcus is working for Vivid. Why?

When all of these dots are connected and you don’t like the conclusion or the crude speculation I make about who he is fucking at Vivid, what is it about Mr. Marcus that makes him so special? Is it that Mr. Marcus is a cool dude? Wasn’t Marc Wallice a cool dude? Wallice was in the business far longer than Mr. Marcus. Wallice was a respected Hall of Fame performer just as Mr. Marcus is. Why is Mr. Marcus let back into the club and Marc Wallice isn’t?

If you’re gonna tell me that HIV is worse than syphilis, no it’s not. As I understand it from what everyone is saying, they are both “manageable diseases.” They are manageable diseases. You have somebody like Michael Lucas on the gay side talking about all of these medications that people with HIV can take that can suppress your viral load and make you practically non contagious. There is medication that makes the possibility of seroconverting your partner almost nil. Michael Lucas has a partner with HIV that he fucks bareback and says that there is no problem with it. HIV is not a death sentence anymore. It’s nothing. It’s a manageable disease.

John Stagliano goes to Brazil and you know he has sex with the women there. He has or has had a relationship with Sheena Shaw, a woman who currently performs in the business. She talked about their relationship on Twitter. One would imagine that they had sex. John Stagliano can have sex with women in the business and the fact that he has HIV is apparently not a big deal.

The fact that Marc Wallice concealed that he had HIV and spread it is no different than Mr. Marcus concealing and spreading syphilis. Why was Marc Wallice run outta Dodge and Mr. Marcus is appearing in a Hollywood production with Joan and Melissa Rivers in conjunction with Vivid? What is the Marcus/Vivid connection? It’s obvious that Steven Hirsch and Vivid set up and organized the shoot with Joan Rivers.

If you don’t like me saying that Marcus is fucking somebody at Vivid, you tell me what does Mr. Marcus have that they are OK with bringing him back to the fold? Is it his personality? Is it his huge black cock? No, there are several others like Lexington Steele who have him beat there. Is it his performing skills? Most of the times that we shot him, he came too quick, so that can’t be it. Is it his awesome body? He’s looking kinda doughy these days, no definition. He’s one cheeseburger away from being fat. He kinda has man tits, so it’s not his physique. Personality? He’s not Chris Rock or Martin Lawrence. He wears a baseball cap and mumbles. So it’s not his personality. He’s not Obama. So, what is it? When you connect the dots and dissect who Mr. Marcus is, he’s basically on par with a mope. Maybe fifteen years ago, when the only other black guys to choose from were like Jack Baker, Mr. Marcus stood out. But now, you would rather have Mr. Marcus over Lexington Steele or Sean Michaels or Prince Yahshua? Are you fucking nuts?

Now, that we’ve dissected who Marcus is, I ask again. Who is he fucking at Vivid or where are the bodies that Mr. Marcus knows are buried? They’re bringing Mr. Marcus back into the fold, but they’re not bringing Marc Wallice back. What does Mr. Marcus have on Steve and Marci Hirsch? What type of romance is blossoming between Mr. Marcus and someone at Vivid?

Ash Hollywood has a show on Vivid Radio. Kylie Ireland is a set designer for Vivid productions. They have a connection to Vivid. Now you see Mr. Marcus there. So, it’s obvious that they went out of their way to bring him in. If you say they need a black guy to balance out the cast, then why Mr. Marcus? Why not Sean or Lex or Prince? If the requirement was to have a black guy, then why not one of those guys?

Put aside the fact that people claim I’m a liar and I’m mean and nobody listens to me. What does Mr. Marcus have that Vivid would bring him back when he did something that many people, not just me, said was unforgivable?


And if what Mr Marcus did was forgivable, then there really are no rules in this business and there really is no unforgivable sin. There is absolutely no deterrent to anybody circumventing the testing protocols and infecting other performers. From now on, anybody who skirts the testing requirements and infects others can simply point to Mr. Marcus and say that if Mr. Marcus can do what he did and be forgiven, then why can’t I?

Nobody can be blacklisted. It doesn’t matter if you even have a test. It doesn’t matter if you give somebody a disease. It doesn’t matter what you do, because there are no repercussions for anyone’s actions. If someone can fake their test and get away with it, what is to stop anyone else from doing it? Where is the deterrent from someone saying he doesn’t want to get a new test, he’ll just fake it? And when somebody says to him you can’t do that the industry will blacklist you, they can say what, the same industry that blacklisted Mr. Marcus?

You guys see my point?

There are no repercussions. No consequences. It doesn’t fucking matter. This industry has shown that you can do whatever the fuck you want to do. Vivid, the company that is supposed to be the leader, the ones who set the standard, the ones that everybody says are the best, are saying that nobody has to follow any rules. You don’t have to be health conscious. You don’t have to be anything. Ultimately, you can spread disease, conceal your results, you can do whatever you want to do. It doesn’t matter. You will be accepted.

That’s pretty amazing for a business that likes to proclaim to the media and to the legislature that they are responsible and that they can regulate themselves. If I, Rob Black, who you all claim to be a liar, a moron and a non factor can put all of these facts together and see through the bullshit, you don’t think that other people can? When people read this article and they see that Mr. Marcus is back, do you think I’m the only one who is gonna find it objectionable? I’m the only one who is gonna see that Mr. Marcus is back and is working for Vivid and appearing with Joan Rivers on a TV show?


People will be just as disturbed as I am and will agree with me that Mr. Marcus must be fucking somebody at Vivid who got him back into the adult business and put him on a show with Joan Rivers. Who? That’s the question. Who?

There is no way you can tell me that Mr. Marcus is the black guy who is the most qualified to be on this show. Sean Michaels, Lexington Steele, Prince Yahshua and others have better personalities, are in better shape and have bigger dicks than Mr. Marcus. And none of them have faked their test results and spread a deadly disease to talent.

Everything I’ve laid out here are facts. The only thing that is an assumption is that Mr. Marcus is having some kind of intimate relationship with someone at Vivid. Is it Steven Hirsch or Bill Asher? Or is it Marci? Does Marci love to eat Mr. Marcus’ ass? We know from what Marc Wallice has said that this is a fact. Marci Hirsch loves to eat ass.

Based on all of these facts, my assumption of an intimate relationship with someone at Vivid can be the only outcome.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of my case.

It is now in the hands of you, the jury.

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