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[email protected] Reveals Winners of Sexy #MrSkinChallenge has selected the top three winners of the celeb nudity site’s #MrSkinChallenge for a cash prize of $1,200 each!

Movie fans were tasked with drawing, painting or sketching a famous nude scene or sexy celebrity moment, and according to a company representative, the creative feedback was overwhelming.

“We couldn’t believe it! Folks must be bored in lockdown because we received hundreds of drawings from talented and hilarious Mr. Skin fans from all over the world,” said a company rep. “Our judges had their work cut out for them, narrowing down to the ten best – and fans chose their Top Three favorites from there.”

The winner with the most fan votes (4,589) was @burtongrayart’s color drawing of a full-frontal Rosario Dawson from the 2013 Danny Boyle film Trance. The first runner-up with 2,757 votes was for their sketch of Lycia Naff’s three-breasted mutant in 1990’s Total Recall; the second runner-up with 2,591 votes is @cochina_nasty for color artwork of the infamous breastfeeding scene with Jim Carrey and Shannon Whirry in the Farrelly Brothers’ 2000 classic Me Myself & Irene.

Other notable artwork from the #MrSkinChallenge includes a terrifying sketch of Mrs. Massey from the bathtub of The Shining, a post-coital portrait of Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith from Queen & Slim, plus art from Brokeback Mountain, Re-Animator, Cruel Intentions, Borat and Not Another Teen Movie.

To see the full list go to—24117.

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