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Msg to Taryn Thomas- RUDEST Press Release I’ve Ever Gotten-UPDATE

NL-I didn’t see either version of this movie so I have no opinion on which is better. I was supposed to do a story on Taryn’s but no one sent the pictures, so couldn’t. I love ZT, ‘specially Mike Quasar, but these popporn people are over the top rude. Could just be a joke tho, Popporn was the one who pulled a couple other- not so funny, but trying to be funny, promo things. I’d like to hear from Taryn, Bangs & Buckton on this.

UPDATE-Taryn says-  I sent them a text and asked how much for a script? SMH

POPPORN Offers Script Writing Services to Taryn ThomasAdult star readies Jersey Shore XXX – Miami and might need help
(Philadelphia, April 23rd, 2010) Adult blog announced today their willingness to draft a complete and somewhat coherent script for adult star, Taryn Thomas’ upcoming Jersey Shore XXX – Miami. Taryn Thomas declared her intent on producing the sequel to her lukewarm Jersey Shore XXX recently via her twitter.
Taryn Thomas and her company, Taryn It Up Entertainment had a public spat with POPPORN over her belief that her original concept was stolen from her when POPPORN announced and began production on the smash hit porn parody, Official Jersey Shore Parody released by Zero Tolerance Entertainment.
Having two, similar themed adult parodies on the market did not seem to collapse the adult industry and reviews of both films seemed to vary wildly. Official Jersey Shore Parody from POPPORN and Zero Tolerance earned an Xbiz Editor’s Choice with reviewer Rob Perez claiming it, “Maybe the best parody of the year!” while Taryn Thomas’ Jersey Shore XXX earned somewhat less impressive reviews with giving it a “Skip It” grade, saying of her parody, “…there wasn’t any specific reason to enjoy the movie given the lack of stroke-able sex in most cases and the laughable replay value.”
Writer/Director Spock BUCKTON said of the offer from POPPORN, “We really try to be fence-menders whenever possible. We don’t like conflict and we’d love to see Taryn succeed critically as well as commercially with her future Jersey Shore endeavors. The reviews for her first Jersey Shore attempt were pretty harsh. They say you can’t polish a turd, but you know who can? We can! We’d gladly write the script for the Miami version of Jersey Shore XXX and hell; we’ll even do it for half our normal rate! As long as part of the deal is that we never have to watch the finish product and we get to replace main characters with re-imaginings of fictitious characters from the Krull universe. That last part is non-negotiable.”

Brian Bangs

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