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Murder Suspect Sunny Dae Interview- One Year Ago

NL-This interview was posted on XXXPornTalk last year in June 2009. Smut gave me permission to post it her.

Smut Writes -Here’s a quickie lil’ interview I did with the newest pretty face on the board. Read it and you’ll find out among other things that she’s done mostly internet scenes with various sites like Bangbros. & Reality Kings, but she has signed with World Modeling and is heading out to California soon. So check it and get the scoop on Sunny Dae.

Smut: What lead into doing the porn thing?
Sunny: My husband kinda got me into it…He knew a few photographers.
Smut: So I guess he’s cool with it?
Sunny: Oh yes he is very supportive…He kinda shoots some low budget films also.
Smut: Low budget pornos like am stuff?
Sunny: Yes like clips4sale stuff.
Smut: Does he star in them? or just shoots them?
Sunny: He has done some POV and foot fetish on film but he prefers to stay behind the camera.
Smut: Does he have a website?
Sunny: Not of his own he just shoots content for different clip stores.
Smut: Was he the first person you shot for/with?
Sunny: No the first person I shot with actually a fetish site called naughty ties.
Smut: Bondage?
Sunny: Yes.
Smut: Are you into bondage in your private life?
Sunny: No actually I have done very little bondage.
Smut: Why did you do it? Just as a start?
Sunny: Yes just kinda break the ice. I had a few girl friends that had done it so I tried it out.
Smut: How many scenes have you done?
Sunny: I can’t remember how many scenes I have done.I guess once I got started doing porn it kinda grew on me. I have met some really cool people on shoots.
Smut: Fave postion?
Sunny: Doggy
Smut: What was your best experience so far? worst?
Sunny: So far my best shot has been on realitykings with milfnext door I had alot of fun at that shoot working with Brianna and Lexi. My worst was probably a shoot I did for money money talks because we got rained on and my make up and hair got really messed up.
Smut: Does size matter to you?
Sunny: Size is not really a priority, tho some scenes it is actually easier with a small guy.
Smut: What would you say to somebody who thinks porn exploits women?
Sunny: Everyone has their own opinion and there will always be some who feel that porn is degrading, but I really am not worried about trying to impress those that look at me in a negative way.
Smut: Did you watch much porn before you got into it?
Sunny: I really did not watch a lot of porn before. I owned my own lingerie store and stayed pretty busy with orders and fashion shows.
Smut: Why did you get into the lingerie biz?
I use to shop at the store and when the owners decided to move my husband bought the store for me to run.
Smut: Cool dude. Fave lingerie to wear?
Sunny: I like fishnet type lingerie.
Smut: Are you into porn for the money sex or both?
Sunny: While the money is good it is not my sole reason for getting into the business. I have made some great friends through my work and I have had a lot of fun at times while working with great companies and models. I actually did not think I would be porn material but reality kings loved me and they really treated me great so it kinda made it easier to shoot.
Smut: What are your fave companies and models to work with?
Sunny: I would say my favorite companies are reality kings, bangbros and Score they all were very respectful and easy to work with. Models there are so many. I really enjoy Brianna Ray & Kristen Cameron.
Smut: Does your family know what you do are they cool with it?
Sunny: Some of my family knows about my adult work and they are ok with it. I also do mainstream work so others see just the beauty side of what I do.
Smut:: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Sunny:I had always wanted to be a model growing up.
Smut: Where do you want to go with your career?
Sunny: I am hoping to become as great as Katie Morgan or Pamela Anderson. Seriously, I don’t want to expect to be America’s favorite model but I do hope to keep those that do like me happy.
Smut: Were you sexually promiscuous growing up?
Sunny: I would not say I was really wild but I did experiment like all teenagers do. I lost my virginity around the age of 15.
Smut: Obviously your hubby doesn’t get jealous do you find that strange?
Sunny: No I am kinda glad he does not get jealous we have a great relationship.
Smut: Have you done much magazine work. i.e. layouts?
Sunny: I have been published both national and international for non adult magazines. I do shoots for non adult magazines and also artistic nude work.
Smut: What kind of work are you looking for in California? do you want to become a big time porn star?
Sunny: I actually am hoping to get hooked up with Vivid or Wicked while out in CA but I am always looking for good companies to establish a great working relationship with and most of all keep my fans happy.
Smut: Has anybody ever recognized you from your work?
Sunny: Yes I have met some people at airports and stores that recognize me.
Smut: Do you dance/strip?
Sunny: I have danced/stripped before but it really was not my style.
Smut: When do you plan on going to California? Any gigs lined up yet?
Sunny: I don’t really have a set date yet for CA I am waiting to see what the agency can book me for but I have tried to search for producers in CA and let them know I would like to shoot.
Smut: Does your porn work affect you getting mainstream work?
Sunny: I use separate names for adult and mainstream. I have lost some mainstream work due to my adult work but most of the time it never comes up.


Sunny adds these posts over the next few days
Ha ha well as far as facials I have had plenty of cum on my face from a bukkake  I was not concerned with looks in that type of shoot lol”

For those that like to watch comedy movies I will be coming out on DVD Road Trip 2 beer pong soon  I have a make out scene with another girl

I will be making it out to the west coast soon and hopefully work with some great producers:) I have a great reputation with all that have shot me…No drama here 

Thanks and yes I can handle the loads Sorry no anal but just not ready to do that just yet…Maybe in the near future

The anal thing is not really my preference…However I can still work more than one cock without anal

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