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My DMCA Complaint Answer-UpDATED

NL- I’m still deciding what to do with this situation. But I have sent back the below answer to my hosting company. I have removed all links from LIB to Tara’s site, now known as FPSP, since I took down the name. She will not be receiving that daily dose of traffic from here that she is used to. And I checked on the pictures she is stating I STOLE usage of. Funny thing is, I got her the press pass to Exxxotica to take pictures for LIB. So in actuality, I OWN those pictures, and she needs to remove them from HER SITE!  Also while I have been using these “STOLEN” images for more than 3 years, Tara has been posting comments here ( about 800 of them) never mentioning that I am using those images without her permission.  Isn’t that a bit odd?  Let me just say that I don’t  like being lied about, I don’t like people misusing the law  & legal avenues, and i’m not a good person to have as an enemy.  But you’ll see that for yourself Tara. And no, that’s not a threat, that’s a promise. I also, if you haven’t already noticed, have great friends who don’t like people messing with me…


1. The complaint is incorrect, as it states “The copyrighted work at issue is the text that appears on and
its related pages.”  My site is called

2. I have written permission to use all photos from Tara Alkinlose. I have attached one of
her emails showing this permission.

3. Her claim that I am using these photos without her permission is false.

4. Her filing of this DMCA complaint is fraudulent.  (She is currently being sued by many people,
and (as it is a news site)  is reporting on it. She is filing this fradulent notice as a revenge tactic. )

5. I believe my posting these photos does not infringe anyone else’s rights. I understand that I am declaring the above under penalty of perjury, meaning that if I am not telling the truth I may be commiting a crime.
I live in the United States and I consent to the jurisdiction of the district court in whose district I reside.  I consent to be served by the person who gave notice to my Service Provider, or his agent.

Cindi Loftus

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