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My Interviews Suck

Whore posts to XPT:

Several years ago, Duke had balls and asked the difficult questions to the whores he interviewed. He caused controversy and exposed the truth.

Recently he interviewed MILF Heidi Mayne. Who the fuck cares what her best classes in high school was. She went to high school over a quarter of a century ago. 28 years old? Yeah like Lori Lust is 27 years old. What she learned in high school then is taught in elementary school. Same goes to when she lost her virginity.

Why didn’t he ask her why she left her last agency and moved to Gold Star? She says “[Porn] gives me something interesting to talk about when I come home from work.”…okay let’s expand on that…

what the fuck does she talk about? About the Herpes II she just caught? How she tells her kid, mommy likes it up the ass by random men?

Come on Duke…you have become the Larry King of porn journalists.

Steve York posts to XPT:

I read Luke’s site regularly but I skip any interviews with porn girls, especially the new crop. Its not that Luke doesn’t dig up juicy facts, ask the tough questions or act like such a quiet inept retard he forces the subject to spill their guts out of boredom and pity.

How interesting of an interview can you get out of whores who are just boring people to begin with and what type of questions do you ask to get a response that doesn’t end with a sad molestation or abortion story?

Or take this story: Luke a few months ago interviews a girl on-set new to the business [Evelyn Lin]. She goes to my old college [U.C. San Diego]. He asks what type of response she gets from students and she claims she’s rarely bothered and the response is nominal.

The truth? Its been a topic of conversation all over campus and all over tons of message boards. The girl even gets caught editing details in her own Wikipedia entry (like where she goes to school after blurting it out in some scene she starred in). Her boyfriend threatens to sue a few message boards. Tons of other juicy details and events. Very interesting story which raises issues of online privacy, wiki-ing, and the balance between being a college student and advertising and promoting your own porn career. Yet Lurk posts some myspace blog entry he found like some old creep.

So yeah, even when there’s an interesting story girls will just lie about it anyway. Just skip the interviews with the girls Luke, stick to the shit stirring like the current Chico Wang fiasco.

Nobody posts: “Maybe he toned it down because he wasn’t getting as many women to interview with him as he used to. Kind of like this site scares away, pisses off, or chases away porn stars with pitch forks and flaming torches. You know the old saying, “you get more flies with honey”. Maybe he’s trying to be nicer so he can get future interviews.”

Houston Don posts: “Yet “nicer” interviews in quantity are meaningless compared to fewer but more probative interviews of broader interest. Still, the kinds of interviews he offers should be geared to the audience he seeks to attract. If he wants the slavering fanboy types to populate his website, the nicer interviews are a good idea for him. On the other hand, if he wants to establish some form of journalistic integrity that could lead to better jobs (inside and outside of porn), the comments here are spot on that he needs to ask more interesting questions, even if they make the subject a bit uncomfortable.”

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