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My Monopoly With God

Conky writes on XPT:

Come on, guys. You both know Luke has the monopoly on God. Don’t you realize that if you want to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven, you need to constantly go on about God and wear your colors on your sleeve like a badge of honor?

Jeez, Luke’s just trying to get by. And show me where in the Bible it says anything about hate….let’s just look at the Ten Commandments, for example.

Now you show me where Luke has ever been guilty of the following:

Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol.
So is calling yourself a Moral Leader and preaching to the internet and attempting to become the best known porn gossip on the planet trying to make yourself into an idol? That one’s for God to decide.

Honor thy mother and father
Hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, well done, Luke. You’re sure to ascend.

Thou shalt not bear false witness
Hahahahahahahahahaha. This just gets better and better for you, doesn’t it, Luke?

Thou shalt not steal
Luke, have you ever used someone else’s material without crediting them?

Oh dear.

I’ll keep a booth warm for you downstairs.

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