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My Readers are Hate-Mongers and Misery-Dispensers

BILL MARGOLD e-mails Steve Nelson, who forwards it to me. I answer back.

 Original Message —- From: Steve Nelson

Hi Cindi!  FYI:  Bill is a purist on spelling, grammar and such protocol.  I’ve learned a lot from him.
Take care,
ps – I tend to agree with him but would have put it in a less caustic and more friendly manner.

On Aug 19, 2008, at 12:37 PM, bmargold wrote:

Meanwhile Cindi Loftus picked up the WE ARE THE BARE BOWLING WORLD XXX press release and credited me with writing it.

You need to explain to her the facts of public relations life….that in fact a press release has no author other than the company that it is issued from.

You might also suggest that her site resembles a monkey cage at the zoo where feces throwing is the (dis)order of the day.

She will never be taken seriously if she continues to pander to the hate-mongers and misery-dispensers feed off the bottom of the internet food chain.

(NL-I think mr bill forgot a WHO or WHOM in that last sentence)


 HI Steve,

So Bill writes you a note for you to send to me, that’s very mature of him.

If you’ve learned a lot from him, I hope that learning doesn’t include how to be a pompous ass, or how to blow a ten year “friendly” relationship with one disrespectful e-mail.

Thanks for the forward. I’ll be posting it on my site also with a FROM BILL MARGOLD in big letters.

If Bill has anything else he would like you to send to me, do me a favor and just put it in the trash.

TY Take Care, NL —–



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