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My Strange Addiction…

NL- What I do when I’m overtired and can’t sleep is find the weirdest program on, and watch it. This one was very enlightening. I’m not half as weird as I thought I was, lol.  But it didn’t make me sleepy…

TLC’s My Strange Addiction

Season 1 Episode 8

Davecat is married to his perfect woman, Sidore. The only problem is that Sidore is not a living person, she is a real doll!  Wow,  He has sex with her, buys her clothes and dresses her, watches TV with her, has (one sided) discussions with her. Is basically very happy with his life and his partner. Davecat saw the show’s  psychiatrist and afterward ordered his second real doll. Guess he has decided he was fine, and  he is up for trying a tthreesome.  I wonder if Sidore is into girls? Will she be jealous? Maybe they will do a part two on this one…  I wonder how many REAL DOLL inquires were made when this show first aired?

 Made me think.. Do I have any strange addictions?   But I don’t think I do. The most strange thing about me is my job. Other than that, i’m pretty normal and boring… what about you guys? Strange addictions? Late night viewing habits? What do you do when you can’t sleep?

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