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My Turn on Brian Surewood

My Turn on Brian Surewood

I let you guys say just about what ever you want about whomever you want, and I don’t  often answer back. But I have to say something here.

Brian Surewood is innocent until proven guilty.

He has been in hardcore prison for a year now, with impossible to make bail, for the crime of murder.

The FACTS of the case show that Brian didn’t hit anyone or anything.

If someone unintentionally hits and kills a person with a car, the charge is usually vehicular manslaughter, and Brian didn’t even hit anyone, yet he is charged with murder

You guys don’t see a problem there?  You don’t think his job as a porn star, and his ownership of a marijuana store make him the perfect fall guy?

He has lost everything. He is in a 5×8 cell. He hasn’t seen the sun for a year. He doesn’t have a TV, a radio, a weight room. He is in a rotting prison with people committing suicide, knifing each other, and all types of negativity all around him.

Yet he is trying to keep up his positive attitude.

Can you look at things from his side, and the side of his family and friends and give him some support?

Whether you think he is guilty or innocent, as a fellow human being, who is in a very tough situation, can you give him a break?

Yes I feel terrible for the victims, absolutely horrible. As I feel for anyone who has to suffer from the death or injury of a family member.

But in this case, I have to support Brian. I will leave his innocence up to the court system to decide, but I am still going care about a person who was wonderful to everyone he ever worked with, was friends with every person he ever met. Wouldn’t even squish a roach if he saw one. Brian is someone I KNOW would never hurt anyone or anything if he could help it. And have you ever heard someone who knows him say anything bad about him? No, you haven’t. Because anyone who knows him, know what kind of a person he is. A good one.

Can you guys trust my judgement a little bit and try to think of how his girlfriend, his son, his family feel about what he is going through? How he feels? How what you write about him is read by them, and make their suffering worse instead of better?

Just do me a favor and try to think of things from their point of view. Give them some sympathy.  Don’t jump to the conclusion that he did anything wrong. I think we all know how many innocent people are in prison these days. Give Brian the benefit of the doubt, as I know he would give you.

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