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My Vag – Awkwafina

My Vag - Awkwafina

Set to release this June, the latest instalment of the Ocean’s trilogy, Ocean’s 8 will hit theatres with an all-female cast. This pussy-laden heist movie stars some impressively hot ladies including Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, and our new favourite comedian/actress/rapper, Awkwafina.

Smoking hot and Asian to boot, Awkwafina might seem familiar as Christine from Neighbours 2 or as the voice of Quail from Storks. She’s also the host of Tawk, a funny late night talk show on the go90 channel. Long hair, big glasses, and curves that you might not expect this Asian rapper to be rocking, the Brooklyn native is funny as hell and it shines through in her last album Yellow Ranger.

We won’t pretend to be music aficionado’s but we certainly know what we like, and at we can’t get enough of Awkwafina’s single My Vag. Written years ago in response to Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick”, it’s been reworked and rerecorded for Yellow Ranger.

Written like a series of Yo Momma jokes, Awkwafina has some of the best quips about split lips that we’ve heard in a long time and it’s since become somewhat of a feminist anthem for women with a sense of humor.

“My vag speak five different languages
And told yo vag bitch make me a sandwich
Yo my vag feel like winning the lottery
Yo shit got turned down from E Harmony
My vag won best vag
Yo vag won best supporting vag”

When she gets to the chorus Awkwafina rings out with “And her vagina is 50 times better than a penis”. It’s a sentiment that many of the girls found here at PORN.COM would certainly agree with, even if they can’t have a taste of Awkwafina’s vagina, they’re certainly in agreement that pussy is better than a penis!



If you love ‘My Vag’ then check out ‘Queef’, a song that turns that awkward bodily function into something akin to a female super power.

According to Awkwafina she got really stoned one night, apparently, this gal lovers smoking the reefer, and wrote the song after a vision of a parallel universe where a woman was blessed with magical vaginal air powers that would save the world. Check out some of the lyrics from ‘Queef’,

“I’m Vin Diesel of the fast and the queefiest
Tokyo Drift, and mine is the breeziest
Queefenor Roosevelt, fireside queefing
Gotta queef soft when my roommates sleeping
I queef on your sister and I queef on your cousin
Then I show your granddad a little queef loving
I queef on your Jerk Seitan, cuz I’m Kobe
Queefing Han Solo
Queefy Wan Kenobi”

Look for Awkwafina in the 2016 documentary Bad Rap that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, a film that follows four unconventional Asian rappers, as well as the Girl Code on MTV, and the upcoming movie Crazy Rich Asians.

If you can’t catch Awkwafina in any of those or they’re just not your thing, we’ve got plenty of movies with super-hot and cute Asians that we know you’ll love!

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