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MyPornBlocker Was Born

NL-The below is an ad for Porn Blocking software. What do you guys think of this? Propaganda? Or good stuff?

From The Desk Of Martin Brendal
October 23, 2011 

Just North of Kansas City, Missouri
I’m on a Mission to Help You Protect Your Family – It’s That Important!
Dear Friend,
My name is Martin Brendal and I’d like to share a little story with you. Perhaps you’ll be able to relate to my story and the horror I was faced with like so many other parents I know.
A few years ago I found myself worrying more and more about my children’s safety online.
One day while at the dinner table my 7 year old daughter asked me why some people are naked on the computer. My wife and I nearly fell out of our chairs.
When I asked her what she meant … her reply was “I saw them on the computer.”
Then, she continued to tell us…
“There was a picture that popped up with a
bunch of naked people on it…”
I was outraged to say the least. I became so angry.
I asked her why she didn’t yell for mommy or daddy and she said she just “X’ed” it off because she was afraid we’d get mad at her.
We assured her we wouldn’t be mad… and that it wasn’t her fault … but also explained to her that she needed to let mommy or daddy know if that ever happened again.
But I was totally puzzled…
“I had the latest “4 Star Rated” internet
filtering software installed on every computer in our home… yet somehow my 7 year old daughter was still exposed to that crap?”
I’m not a passive parent. I’m pro-active in everything I do … especially when it comes to ensuring my children are safe and protected when they’re on the computer.
How could this have happened?
So, that evening I went on a mission and checked every computer and every setting on the filtering software we had installed. And I made sure everything was configured correctly. Turns out it was. So I figured it must’ve been a fluke. But I was still mad as hell and very concerned.
Fast forward a few weeks and life went on uneventful for the most part. Once again I felt confident we nipped the problem in the butt fast and it wouldn’t happen again.
My wife was now paying more attention to our children when they were online… and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Whew!
Then one day I was checking emails in my home office and I got one of those “Hot Naked Girls Live” emails. I’m sure you know the kind I’m talking about.
I deleted it immediately … but couldn’t help wondering why my filtering software let me down again. Hell.. that could have been my son or daughter that got that email.
Once again.. I was very upset and even more determined I was going to find a better way to protect my family from all this obscene, adult material.
And then came the straw that broke the camels back…
I came home from work one day about 4:30 in the afternoon. My son and I had plans to go to a high school football game that evening and I was excited to get home and spend time with him.
My wife was in the kitchen cooking dinner, while my daughter was busy helping mommy by peeling the husks off the corn cobbs she was getting ready to cook.
I threw my coat over the back of the couch, went into the kitchen and gave my two girls a kiss hello — and asked where Ryan was. My wife told me he was upstairs in his bedroom doing his homework.
I ran upstairs to let him know I was home. I was so excited for our “boys” night out. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time together.
When I opened his bedroom door I was horrified….
There, pasted on his PC as clear as day was
some explicit porn image so graphic and
perverted it even shocked me!
I was furious. I screamed and ranted and demanded an explanation!
He knew I was mad. He could see it in my eyes and hear it in my voice. He told me one of his friends from school gave him a link to this website at lunch – and he was curious so he checked it out.
Now what? Once again I thought I blocked all this stuff. Why was he able to access this site? And what was I supposed to do now?
That’s when I made it my personal mission to
do whatever I had to do to protect my family from Internet Pornography for good!
The phone call to my little brother…..
That weekend I called my brother just as I did every weekend – but this time it wasn’t just to see how the family was doing and shoot the breeze a little …
I had an agenda!
The truth is… we rarely got to see each other … him living in Dallas Texas as the Lead Developer of a small software engineering firm … and myself in Missouri as a busy salesman for a large corporation … but we always made sure we found the time to speak on the phone every weekend.
But this weekend… I had a mission to accomplish. This phone call wasn’t just for casual chit-chat… I needed his help!
I explained to him what’s been happening with my kids and the whole “porn” issue I was having. I knew if anyone could help me it was him. After all, he manages a small team of software developers for a living.
If he couldn’t help me.. nobody could!
We talked for several hours. I told him I wanted him to help me develop the absolute best software ever invented that would GUARANTEE my family was safe but also help other families protect their children from Internet porn and uninvited adult content.
And after two full years of research and development … MyPornBlocker™ was born.

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