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Nacho Vidal Charged With Money Laundering

By Erika Icon

YNOT EUROPE – Nacho Vidal’s latest release isn’t on DVD, but he doesn’t appear to be complaining.

According to multiple Spanish news reports, Vidal was released from jail on his own recognizance late last week following a Tuesday arrest as part of coordinated government raids on an alleged organized crime ring. Vidal has been charged with money laundering and forgery.

His sister, Maria José Jordá González, who was arrested during the same series of raids, also is free on bail. González is charged with issuing false invoices from the movie production company she and Vidal jointly own.

Although the prosecution sought conditional release and bond for Vidal, National Court Judge Fernando Andreu ruled the Spanish porn star and director did not represent a flight risk because he recently signed a contract to appear in a reality television show. The project will keep Vidal tethered to Spain for at least three months, the judge decided.

Vidal and González were among more than 80 people rounded up in Madrid and Barcelona last week after a two-year investigation into alleged racketeering. According to court documents, most of the other detainees are Chinese nationals suspected of affiliation with an organized crime ring operating out of their home country.

During Operation Emperor, participating agencies searched hundreds of properties, froze the bank accounts of 120 people, and confiscated 202 vehicles and six million euros (about U.S. $7.8 million) in cash. The network allegedly operated prostitution and extortion rackets that channeled profits to tax havens with the assistance of Spaniards and Israeli intermediaries. Those arrested have been charged with a variety of crimes including tax evasion, official corruption, money laundering, forgery and distribution of counterfeit goods.

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