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Nadia Styles Walks with the Lord…

Nadia writes on her myspace

New Year , New Life , New Myspace

Hi everyone!!! hope your new year has been super amazing so for. For me its been a blessing … I went to Brasil hung out with a very cool person. Relaxed , listened to good music and when i was in Rio i ate lots of acai .. Its soooo good . wish we had it here!

I’m back in los angeles starting my new life without porn and its awesome!! I walk with the lord everyday now and i can finally see the light. Its so beautiful once you discover the light. The dark has no attraction to your life at all. I’m now trying to change up my myspace i have deleted all my old pictures and put new pictures of my new blessed life.

I’m trying to change my top friends but its a little difficult .It says i can’t search for friends when you have over 5000. So if anyone could help with a easier way to figure out how to put together my top friends besides going threw every page ( like i been doing)it would be nice to know. I like the friends i have up now but theres more i want to add.

Like the pink cross foundation , their crew , my friend’s store JapanLA , and people i grew up with and love. I been away from the internet for awhile and i have alot of friend request and messages that i’m SUPER thankful for. I promise to get to all of them! I love your messages and i enjoy being your myspace friend.

So keep checking out my page because i finally got internet and i will be updating my myspace often with blogs of whats going next for me , pictures and more. Sending lots of love your way , Patrice formerly known as Nadia Styles


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