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Nailin’ Palin SCRIPT & Cast leak- Exclusive

Hustler’s upcoming movie Who’s Nailin’ Palin should be hysterical. Here’s a little bit of the script. Serra is the Sarah Palin-ish character.  You can read the whole thing at the link below.

Lisa Ann as the country’s hottest governor,

Nina Hartley as Hillary Clinton,

Jada Fire as Condoleezza Rice,

Sindee Jennings as the “Young Paylin”


You know what? Let’s move on. I’ll describe a famous person in history and you just tell me who it is okay?

You betcha

Once again, just tell me who it is I’m describing.

Serra nods.

I was instrumental in ending the Civil war and freeing the slaves.

Joe six pack.

(rolls her eyes)

Joe six pack, Joe Lincoln, your average hockey mom, that’s what America is all about. Coming together and saying gosh darnit slavery might be fine for some, but ya know what, it just doesn’t cut it where I come from.
Which is Alaska.
Where we don’t have slavery.

The INTERN shoots SERRA a WTF stare.

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