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Nalpac and Spectrum Boutique Announce Partnership

America’s leading adult distributor, Nalpac ( is thrilled to announce a new partnership with online retailer Spectrum Boutique ( to manage all of the companies inventory, warehouse, and fulfillment operations.

Nalpac landed the contract to be Spectrum Boutique’s fully integrated operations resource, responsible for ensuring that all Spectrum Boutique orders ship same day; while helping Spectrum manage its inventory of unique and even handcrafted products. Nalpac was retained to ensure that Spectrum can focus on its core competencies. Spectrum has created amazing relationships with retail consumers through the leadership and guidance of founder, sex educator, and Duchess of dildo’s Zoe Ligon.

“Nalpac is excited to have the opportunity to contribute to Spectrum’s continued success and extraordinary growth. Zoe is an amazingly creative leader who has built a brand and business by earning the respect of the community through her honest commentary on sexuality. We’re honored Zoe has confidence in Nalpac to manage their inventory of unique items and ensure orders are shipped same-day. With our new facilities in Detroit, we can offer this invaluable service to any e-commerce provider who wants to spend more time focused on improving sales and less time on shipping orders” said Steve Craig, Nalpac CEO.

Nalpac’s services are available to any e-commerce provider and offer solutions for full integration into all major e-commerce platforms, including Magento and Shopify. Nalpac allows e-commerce providers to continue selling whatever items they choose regardless if Nalpac offers the product to their customers. Nalpac has tools to enable Spectrum or anyone using the service, real-time visibility into their inventory levels, product movement, and ship status, which are all reported through Nalpac’s reporting service.

“I have complete confidence in Nalpac managing our fulfillment operations because of their significant expertise in the market, but also because of the changes brought in by the open-minded leadership team. I am so grateful to have the Nalpac team on board to reduce costs and allow me and my team to focus on the parts of the business I am passionate about, creating unique content and educating our customers“ said Zoe Ligon, Spectrum Boutique Founder.

Current and prospective Nalpac customers interested in discussing the companies newly launched services can email Adam Motta directly at [email protected]


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