Name A Site You Love That Isn’t On ThePornDude Lists

Here at ThePornDude, I am pretty good at covering all porno bases. As you can see from the site, there are thousands of porn site reviews. However, as I am just one guy sitting down writing these porn reviews, sometimes a great site can slip through the cracks! It’s nothing intentional if you don’t see your favorite fap material on here, it’s just that I really can’t look in every single nook and cranny of the ‘net at every second of the day, and there are many quality porn sites popping up here and there.

Why would you want to let me know about a porn site? Well so I can review it of course! My reviews are always top notch (or so I’ve been told) and don’t have any BS in them. It’s not about just getting you to sign up for a porn site. It’s about helping you find the porn you want to watch – and the porn that is actually worth watching. All the sites are gone through by a real human (me of course) who evaluates the quality with my human mind – not some algorithm or something. Plus, all the reviews on here are free to read, and they are ad free as well. Here, I don’t even put the sites that don’t deserve your viewership up, I simply omit them and only place the porn passes, membership sites, cam sites and blogs that are worth your while.

If you have a suggestion for a porn site that is not on here, then you should send it to me by e-mailing [email protected]. Sometimes sites don’t get reviewed on here because they’re just not up to par, but other sites do deserve to be on here. If you see a site on here that is ranked pretty low, and you think it should be higher or needs an updated review, then send me a message about that one too. With so many sites out there for reviewing, and so many old ones that get updated and changed for the better, it’s hard for just one guy to keep up, so your help is really great, and keeps me on my toes…

I am seriously a fan of smut just like you so he is always happy to learn about new sites from readers. It will not only help to improve this site but also my own personal fap times!

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