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Natasha Nice Interview

From Roger Pipe:

I was actually born in France, but I moved to LA when I was like 3., and I’ve been there ever since.

So you were close to the center of the porn world all the time. It was beckoning to you.

Yeah, I never even knew it was there. But apparently, it was.

What were you doing before you got in?

Before I got into porn, I was at a little private French school in Hollywood. And then while I was there, I was working at Fat Burger, where the burgers are fat. Then I just graduated, and I was trying to go to Santa Monica College, but I didn’t want to. School is not for me, so I started looking into porn and modeling. Then I got into porn and I left everything else.

Do you like porn better than Fat Burger?

Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely. Yes.

Did you ever have sex at Fat Burger?

At Fat Burger? I had sex with people I met at Fat Burger.

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