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Natassia Dreams Featured as Secret Santa Gift on YKWD Yankee Effin’ Swap

International TS star Natassia Dreams was a delightful “Secret Santa” gift for comedian/actor Robert Kelly’s popular Riotcast podcast, “You Know What Dude!” for their annual Christmas special, “The Yankee Effin’ Swap.”

The exotic, statuesque beauty entertained the star of FX television shows, “Sex, Drugs and RocknRoll” and “Louie,” then gave a special gift of a lap dance to one of his staffers, comedian, Chris Scopo.

“I had so much fun with Bobby Kelly and the whole crew of YKWD, and I loved being their special naughty, holiday surprise,” says Natassia. “It got us all in the Christmas spirit. I gave a lap dance and clowned around with everyone, we had a lot of laughs.”

To watch the hilarious Yankee Effin’ Swap episode of YKWD, download the Robert Kelly, “You Know What Dude!” App and become a Premium Member for $1.99 a month to get the audio and video of the episode you may go to the following links.




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Fans can follow Natassia Dreams on Twitter at and on her award-winning website

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