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Nate Goes on Trial for Max Hardcore Vid- Pt 1

by Nate from

So last week I told you about how I used to go to jail for the biz. 

You can read those posts here-

I actually went to jail a total of 11 times!  9 out of those 11 times I pleaded “No Contest”, and subsequently have 9 counts of Pandering Obscenity on my permanent record.  So what happened the other 2 times out of 11?  I’m glad you asked!

All those years that my fellow Dallas porn clerks and I were going to jail, we pleaded No Contest.  We got time served and went on with our lives.  Then we had a clerk get a warrant after he had left the job.  This former clerk was also involved in a custody battle.  So for him, the idea of copping a plea to a sex related offense was out of the question.  He went out and got his own lawyer and decided to fight the charges.  He was the first clerk to ever take the fight back to the city of Dallas.  His lawyer was a young attorney named Andrew Cheatham, and this guy thought this was a winnable case.
He was right.  Andrew defended this clerk and won.  So what do you think the rest of us clerks did?  You damn right…we changed lawyers and started to fight back too.  Keep in mind, there was still a big risk in fighting the charges.  If you fought and lost, you could get up to 1 year in jail, plus you’d be forced to leave your job.  But the clerks were willing to take the chance if it meant having a clean record.

Now when I got my next set of warrants I had quite the dilemma.  For me, there was nothing to be gained by fighting.  I already had 9 counts on my record…what difference will a few more make?  Why risk it?  But even though I had everything to lose and really nothing to gain…we were going to be unified in standing up to the city of Dallas, so I decided to fight my next charge.

This turned out to be a Max Hardcore video.  Yikes!  The idea of going to a jury trial for Max Hardcore didn’t sound so great.  Plus, I actually got 2 warrants at the same time.  One was for a Max Hardcore video and one for a Mike Hott video.  The prosecution decided to try the Max movie first, figuring if this jury wouldn’t convict me on Max, there’s no way they’ll convict on Mike Hott.

Eventually my day in court came.  It was awkward, sitting there at my table.  “The Defense” table.  We had a potential jury pool of about 40 people.  One person was under the age of 30.  I was like 21 at the time.  Not exactly the jury of my peers that I had envisioned.  We got little cards about each person…age, occupation, etc.  In the opening statements to the potential jurors, the lawyers weren’t allowed to state what the charges were, just that they were sexual in nature.  Do you think ANY of those jurors assumed it was for selling porn?  Or do you think they assumed it was something like rape or prostitution?  Several jurors disqualified themselves, because they stated they couldn’t be unbiased about a sex related trial.  Either by their own admissions, or after questioning from the judge, we had narrowed it down to like 10 potentials for a 5 person jury.

The way you narrow it down to the eventual 5 is that the prosecution and defense both get to strike 3 potentials.  Of course you don’t know who your opponent is going to keep and who they are going to strike.  We had 2 of our 3 potentials pretty much decided, but the last was a tough one.  My attorney wanted to strike this middle aged single mom.  I wanted to keep her.  She looked like she realized there are bigger problems in the world.  I insisted we keep her.  My attorney agreed and this lady went on to be the jury foreman.  We had our jury…the 1 guy under 30 made it, along with single mom, a librarian, teacher and nurse.  4 females and 1 dude watching Max Hardcore.  I’m so screwed.

to be continued…..

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