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Nate Goes to Jail for Max Hardcore Vid- Final

by Nate from

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We started the trial and the prosecution went first.  They got the Vice Cop up there.  I believe his name was Lt. Craig Reynerson.  He was a good looking fellow.  He made jokes with the jury, they laughed…I didn’t. 

He made it seem like I was one notch above rapist.  We went to lunch that day and no one from the jury would even make eye contact with me.  If I made eye contact with one of them, they’d immediately look away.  Yeah, that feels great.  I got back early from lunch and went to my table.  It was just me, the judge and the bailiff.  I shit you not, that I overheard the judge say to the bailiff: “You know in a year or so they won’t need this movie in evidence, I’ll take it home for wifey” before they both broke out in laughter.  You guys are dicks.

After lunch we all gathered around to watch Max Hardcore: Extreme Voltage.  Well actually, I was behind the TV, so I couldn’t see the screen.  To this day, I’ve never seen the movie I was charged with.  I just listened, and cringed, especially when I overheard Max say “I’ve got 4 fingers inside you little girl, think I can get all 5?”  In my mind I screamed “No Max No!”  The jury acted a little shocked at first, but after 10-15 minutes they actually seemed bored. 

As the movie played on, I doodled on some paper, yawned a bunch and tried to look sympathetic.  When the movie ended, that ended Day One of my trial.

I came in the next day feeling ok about the previous day, and was glad that today would be our day to defend my good name.  My confidence was quickly smashed upon consulting with my attorney who told me that they’ll likely reach a decision today and that I need to prepare a statement, should I have to take the stand to beg for leniency. 

My immediate idea for a speech was just to cry and beg on my hands and knees – “I’m just a porn clerk!  Don’t send me to jail…I’ve seen Oz…they’ll kill me in there!”

We went in to the court and it was now time for Mr. Lt. Craig Reynerson to take the stand and be cross examined.  Instead of looking like Mr. Funny Guy, my attorney made Craig look like a total asshole that just had it in for me and had no idea if the Max movie was actually obscene.  Craig defined it as obscene because it had “violence during acts of sex, even if they are staged.” 

With that statement in mind, Andrew rolled out a cart with a TV and VCR on it.  He played the opening 20 minutes to Basic Instinct for Craig and the jury.  The jury was more shocked by the ice pick murder than anything Max Hardcore had done.  Andrew asked Craig why Craig wasn’t arresting anyone from Blockbuster for selling Basic Instinct.  Craig said…”well that’s different.”  No it isn’t Craig, no it isn’t.

After the vice cop, we were able to put some witnesses up there that attested to the volume of strip clubs and porn stores in Dallas.  We showed how many billboards in town advertised strip clubs and porn shops.  Advertisements in the Dallas Morning News.  This was to show that the community certainly seemed to accept the nature of our business.  We then showed our Sexually Oriented Business license.  Showing that we pay a fee every year for the right to sell porn movies. 

The prosecution tried to have this evidence as inadmissible.  Can you believe that?  The city is prosecuting you for selling porn movies, and when you show a document from the city showing that you are paying them to do exactly that same thing, they say that’s inadmissible.  The judge allowed us to enter it into evidence.  A few hours later and we rested our case.  Time for the jury to go deliberate.

I spent the next hour scared as I’ve ever been.  I couldn’t imagine that I could go to jail for a year…not in America…this shit just doesn’t happen in America I kept telling myself.
The jury had reached a verdict.  We came back into the courtroom, and this part was quick.  In what seemed like 30 seconds the jury had announced their verdict.  “We the jury find the defendant Nathan Glass….”

It was about this time that I wondered what life in jail would be like.  Would I get an orange jumpsuit?  Would I get to pick up garbage on Interstate 35?  Will my smart ass mouth get me shanked in the first week?  Probabaly.  Oh…the verdict.

“the defendant Nathan Glass not guilty your honor.”  The judge asked if it was unanimous.  It was.  He declared me Not Guilty, the prosecution asked to drop the 2nd charge.  It was granted.  I was free to go.

I thanked my lawyer and hugged my managers that came to support me (thanks Lynda and Genie!).  We went out into the hallway.  It was there that one of my managers spotted the jury down the hall.  They were a good 50 yards away.  I wished I could have said something to them, but you’re not supposed to engage them.  As I watched them walk away, I thought they’ll never know how grateful I am they didn’t send me to be sodomized in jail.  It was then that the under-30 guy turned, saw me and alerted his fellow jurors to my presence.  All five turned….and waved at me like they were family.  I can’t tell you how great that felt.  I waved back and gave the “hands praying” sign of thankfulness.

I never got another charge while working in Dallas.  In fact, once the clerks started fighting back, we never lost another case.  The Vice Squad stopped coming in so often after that.  So after years of harassment, our clerks were pretty much free. 

I’ll never forget the clerks I went to jail with – John Cole, Jon Gilmore, Bill Snyder, Martin Puentes, Robert Oliver, Donovan Phillips, Robert Del Rio, Josh Winger and the managers that supported us Lynda Avedon, and Genie Hendrickson.  I know there are more clerks out there with a story like this.  I appreciate you guys!  Don’t give up the fight!

This story originally appeared in the January 2009 print-edition of PornNewz Magazine.  If you would like to receive the print-edition, email [email protected]

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