Navy SEALS wife found to be a prostitute. We’ve got all the details!

News broke today that the military is investigating a decorated Navy SEAL for his side job as male porn star Jay Voom. But what the story didn’t reveal is that his wife of 15 years, is Jewels Jade, a prostitute and works for Gregg Dodson though his illegal escort agency HelpUBookHer.

Jewels Jade Escort

That’s right … a Navy Seal’s  Wife is a Prostitute!

Joseph John Schmidt III, who goes by the name Jay Voom is porn, is a 42-year-old Navy Seal that has served in the military for 23 years, during which time he was awarded several valor awards. For a time he was even the face of the Navy SEAL program on their official website.

But when he’s not off being a bad ass Navy Seal, he’s home with his wife Jewels Jade and starring in porn films under the name Jay Voom.

Navy SEAL Joseph John Schmidt III (center) has been moonlight as a porn star, mostly in films starring his wife of 15 years, Jewels Jade (left)

Right now the United States Navy is currently looking into Jay Voom because he didn’t get official approval for his part-time job as a porn star, nor do I assume they approve of his wife’s job as a Prostitute.

This is a big deal because he’s only 8 months away from retirement, and that means his rank and pension are now at stake. If they decide he violated the military’s rules including the moral clause, he could lose all of that including a lifetime of medical benefits for him and his wife. As he ages, that will be the biggest loss of all.

What’s creating a problem for Schmidt now is the fact that he didn’t fill out mandatory paperwork seeking clearance from his chain of command to work as a porn actor.

What’s creating a problem for Schmidt now is the fact that he didn’t fill out mandatory paperwork seeking clearance from his chain of command to work as a porn actor.

While the Navy Seal chose not to comment, his wife, had quite a bit to say to the media.

She said that she first appeared in porn in 2001, but quit two years later to focus on being a wife and a mother. In 2005, the couple set up a real estate company in Virginia, where Schmidt was stationed at the time. But after two years of losses that Schmidt’s $60,000 a year salary couldn’t cover, the family went into debt and had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

It was during this time that Jade decided to start stripping to make money, spending long weeks in Las Vegas and sending the money home. Eventually, beaten down by their $1.8 million in personal debt, Jade says she returned to porn.

‘It’s helped our family. It got us out of a lot of financial issues we were going through,’ Jade told the Union-Tribune. ‘I could take care of the child. I could try to get us out of financial debt.’

Jade continued to star in porn when the family moved to Coronado, California in 2009, but said it wasn’t by choice. By that point, she rose to be one of the most recognized porn stars and getting other jobs became impossible due to her reputation.

I love how she claims to be one of the most recognized porn stars. She’s not even in the top 100. I would say she’s a 45-year-old has-been, but that wouldn’t be accurate because has she ever really been? I mean she’s okay but not as great as she makes herself out to be to the media.

And notice how she mentions everything but the fact she’s a hooker and has worked with con artist Gregg Dodson of HelpUBookHer2 for a long time.

So how did he get caught?

Again this is just a rumor, but according to industry gossip, he was caught while working for another porn star’s official website. Rumor is this particular porn star has been on the fed’s radar for some time, especially after her bust in Detroit where the large sum of cash she had on her was seized.

So when Jay Voom was recognized in a scene with another popular porn star by the federal authorities, they tipped off the Navy brass who then had no choice but to take action, even though the rumor is, they had been well aware of his extra circular activities for awhile.

Kendra Lust, Jewels Jade, Jay Voom

Which also mind you directly contradict the excuse Jewels Jade gave as to why he had to perform in scenes that she produced, to cut costs, by having him as the male performer. If that was the case, then why is he starring in productions made by other companies?

As far as the Navy goes, it’s pretty clear that most if not all knew what he did. A former Navy SEAL who spoke to 10News said that Schmidt’s porn star wife was at  SEAL party signing autographs. It’s unclear where and when the party took place. The source told 10News that the SEALs are on call “24/7” and that there no moonlighting allowed.

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