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Neil At Clips 4 Sale Wants Accuser’s Apology

NL-TY for addressing this issue Neil.

Sent to me by Neil at Clips 4 Sale-

To whom it may concern (the individual who has made these accusations)

It was my intent to ignore the accusation directed at that has no merit, but by request of many of my producers that have been with Clips4Sale from the beginning this is my response.

Neither myself or conduct business in such a way that has been stipulated in this allegation and I would like to call upon the person who has unlawfully made these accusations to come forward and reveal him or herself.

You the accuser have one of two (2) options on how to rectify this public display of harmful information against Clips4Sale.

Option 1 – Come out with a public announcement admitting that the information you have released is fraudulent and your accusations were simply a malicious attempt to tarnish the reputation for your own personal satisfaction and provide your true identity to directly to ensure that we NEVER encounter such occurrences with you again.

If you publicly apologize there will be no further legal action against you.

Option 2 – Come forth to us directly and agree to have an in person meeting in Las Vegas during AEE 2011 with a reporter/interviewer of your choice to record the meeting and bring your claimed evidence of the accusations to the meeting so that the truth can be revealed.

Consequences – The following consequences will be immediately implemented if you fail to comply with either of our above requests within 7 days of this announcement. The Clips4Sale legal team will be involved where we will seek you out and you will be brought to justice in the court of law. If this is the route that we have to take we will not hesitate to do so and we will spare no expense in getting justice.

To rectify this situation simply come forth with a written public apology or face the consequences of your allegations.

Neil O
[email protected]
Ph: (727) 804-3005

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