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Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted Returns

Netflix’s 2015 porn documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted” returns as a six-part documentary series, “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On” on April 21st. Normally, I wouldn’t care about mainstream porn documentaries but I saw the youtube trailer for it and I was pleasantly surprised at how they decided to handle the subject matter this time around compared to the 2015 documentary.

More often than not, the adult industry is grossly misrepresented through documentaries whether its through the director’s own bias, or for sensationalism. It’s like the porn documentaries themselves adopt the perceived exploitative factor that they’re trying to prove exists in the porn industry.

I’m not that naive to believe that the adult business is a perfect world, but it’s far from the despicable wasteland that these documentaries try so hard to make you believe. I’ll concede that way back in the day, porn was a shady enterprise, but look at society today. Sexuality across all spectrums are embraced and celebrated. Sexual kink parades openly as we’re beginning to finally become comfortable with ourselves and our sexual mores.

And it’s these once-taboo subjects of awakening and acceptance that “Hot Girls: Turned On” seems to want to tackle in their upcoming miniseries. Instead of focusing on the tiny, deplorable percentage of negativity, “Turned On” appears like it actually wants to accurately depict the porn industry as it is now, from all perspectives and all sexual avenues from porn stars to cam girls and even the people who consume the product.

Check out the trailer and see what you think!


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