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I did a story on how you could get advertising for your site without much work on your part by using I got a lot of questions about how much it pays and costs. Here’s the answer from one of the top guys at, John.


John-How much do the people that give you advertising space make? Does it vary by the site?

We operate a bidding system. You are right in saying that the earnings per click varies, depending on the level of competition at the exact time an ad call is made to our servers. However, we optimise to show the best paying ads available from the channels the Publisher selects, maximising their earnings. Most ad units can show 3-4 different ad creatives at once, which means multiple opportunities to earn from one ad unit.
BTW – for Advertisers, our minimum CPC is $0.10. For targeted adult traffic from ready-to-buy customers that’s a good deal. However, this minimum does mean that we are able to pass on higher earnings per click back on to our Publishers.

Here is the original story I did on Netclix

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