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New $20 Medical Fee for Bookings

LAX models – and apparently all agents in LATATA will now be charging producers a $20 testing fee if they require the models to have a 14-day or under test. Those producers who accept the standard 30 days test, then they will not have to pay this fee.

Effectively Immediately, if your production requires a 14-Day or Under Test, we will be adding a Medical Testing fee of $20 to your Invoice from LAX Models. Alternatively, you can pay the model $20 more at time of shoot or with payment. If you do not require an Under 14-Day Test and use a 30-Day or Under requirement, you will not be assessed this fee. This is a focused initiative at assisting the Talent with the new, more stringent requirements being placed by select producers.

I wonder what kind of influence this will have on the new standard that the FSC has put down, asking everyone to test every 14 days instead of once every 30 days.

In addition now some models are listing that they will do b/g only with condoms. Condom only performers have existed in the past but it seems nowadays there are far far more of them.


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