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New Film On Censorship


There’s a new film in the works exposing sexism and opting for the decriminalization of the female body. From style blogs to Cara Delavigne to Miley Cyrus, the topic of boobs in public is a hot one:

On the FreeTheNipple facebook page, many topics are discussed from breastfeeding in public to scarcity of woman jounalists, as well as many scantily clad supporter photos! It’s interesting to get another perspective on the human body.

Free The Nipple Facebook Page Found Here


Finally, there’s a model by the name of Scarlet Starr in which I discovered this film from. She’s a huge advocate for women’s rights, and happens to be a huge video game nerd/model/boob fanatic as well. HELL, her twitter handle is @scarletsboobs LOL she seems like a cool girl so check her out!

Scarlet Starr’s Facebook Page Found Here



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