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New LukeIsBack Owner Unmasks Herself

New LukeIsBack Owner Unmasks Herself

by Rog PIpe of

Those of you who have been following the new exploits over on know that some new and exciting things are happen. The new ownership has breathed new life into the site and things are popping again. Until now the identity of Not Luke has been kept close to the vest. I didn’t venture a public guess, but I did figure it out about two weeks ago on my own.

The new owner of is Cindi Loftus. I’m not outing her though. She is outing herself.  For those of you don’t know Cindi’s work, she has been around the biz for a little longer than I have. She has been a friend for a long time and published my Pipeline for a long time. I wish her luck and hope to work with the new site in the future. I also send best wishes and luck to Luke. He has always been a friend and I hope he finds success in future ventures.

Congratulations Cindi and thank you for sending this to me.

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