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“New” movie- Jenna’s BURN

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‘Burn’ will be released August 28. Seriously, how can this movie even sell? It was so expensive as it is and I doubt any “new” Jenna movie can make back it’s initial investment. And because the master tapes were severely damaged, they spent over $100,000 just fixing it.

Jenna still makes money from ClubJenna but since she gave her big FU speech at this year’s AVN awards, do you think she’ll even be promoting this? And promoting a movie she and still current husband Jay did three years ago when she is now dating the so-called love of her life Tito Ortiz. You’ll never see Jenna at another award show or convention again since attempting to go mainstream. Or until she comes out of retirement like in the past after Hollywood and Tito say goodbye to her.

Jenna pissed off many in the industry and many fans because of her AVN speech. She also offended many lesbian and bisexual women by recently stating she’s “totally hetero”. I’m sure Nikki Tyler found that amusing since Jenna and Nikki lived together for years with Jena being heartbroken after Nikki left her for a man.

Steven Hirsch must have sucked the life and brain out of Paul Thomas because Thomas says he really stayed true to the story with not a whole lot of sex in the movie. Not that much sex?? A big budget, three-year-old Jenna Jameson movie cannot sell with very little sex shown. What is going on at Vivid?? It’s porn! A porn movie with not that much sex is like eating a taco with the taco shell replaced with wonder bread! And the insanity continues as Thomas tells AVN:

“Burn is Jenna’s best performance ever. She’s a sympathetic, real character. The relationship between her and Stephanie Swift feels a lot more real, certainly, than most lesbian relationships in X-rated movies. It makes the sex better. But particularly between Jenna and Stephanie, I think that’s great, great stuff. And God, Jenna looks so soft, and so angelic, and so beautiful.”

NL Note- Taylor Rain & Cytheria also star in this movie

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