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New Study – Get Your Summer Sex On

We always knew that people get friskier in the summer and hibernate in the winter. Right? Wrong. A new study discovered that our cravings for sex and mating peak at the exact same time each year — summer and winter. So if you’re trying to find a date in fall or spring, you may want to secure that it well in advance.

Using Google Trends, which allows researchers to see details on all Google searches, a team from Villanova University scoured through the last five years of the search engine’s keywords and noticed a trend: Americans search for porn in six-month cycles, with the most searches coming in winter and early summer. The study also discovered that searches for mainstream dating websites also peaked at the exact same time, while similar patterns were not present for non-sexual terms.

The question is why.

Our best guess for winter is that we spend more time indoors, and that’s enough to lead to boredom and an increase in online sex searches.

As for the summer, it’s holiday season. Not only do employed people like to take their time off then, a whackload (poor choice of wording?) of high school/college boys have more time on their hands with school out.

Whatever the case, it’s interesting to note that previous studies have shown similar seasonal trends for births, sexually transmitted infections and condom sales and abortions, so maybe there is something in the air during these times of year.


Source: Ask Men

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