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I have spoken to a few industry sources and I am pretty sure that BigDickDaddy is not Roy Garcia. One person seemed very sure they know who BDD is, and that it wasn’t Roy. That brings up the question: Where Is BigDickDaddy?

In other news, it has been a very busy week at the LIB Legal Department. A few important bullet points for people who want to send me threatening emails promising legal action (I’m getting carpal-tunnel from all the cutting and pasting):

  • Libel is the term for the written word. Slander only applies to the spoken word. I cannot slander you on this site, only libel you.
  • Libel only applies to false statements. Your libel suit isn’t going to get very far if I can easily prove that the facts of my story were accurate.
  • You cannot sue me for comments that users post on this site. Please read Barrett v. Rosenthal, and see the California Supreme Court was very specific in their ruling.

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