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Newsweek is F’ing Up Says Public TV



Orgs to Newsweek: Stop F-ing Up
By Chris O’Shea on February 13, 2012 3:27 PM
Some organizations, such as public television stations, give out subscriptions to Newsweek as gifts for donors. Those companies are grateful — after all, according to the New York Times, those gifts have helped raise millions — but they’re also starting to get mad at Newsweek. The problem? Too many filthy words.
Apparently some of these stations are complaining that Newsweek uses profanity too often, and they might move on if things don’t change:
Bill Sanford, chief executive of Lakeland Public Television in Bemidji, Minn., told fellow station executives this month via e-mail that a major donor had complained, and that he, too, wanted his station ‘to offer premiums that reflect our values. Being family-friendly is one of them.’ He suggested that Time or U.S. News & World Report might ‘fit our values better.’
Justine Rosenthal, Newsweek’s executive editor, thought nothing of using words such as “tits,” “shit” and more, as long as they’re within the flow of a story. “We do not use profanity unless within a quote or in the context of a story and care is taken to ensure it is never used gratuitously,” Roesnthal told the Times, via email.
Hopefully that clears the f*cking problem up.

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