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Nexxxt Level says F*ck The California Talent Agency Act

Is Nexxxt Level, the talent agency owned by Andre Madness and Lauren Phillips’ balding husband Jonathan Morgan once again breaking the State of California’s rules for talent agencies? The Magic 8-Ball says yes, and it’s not the kind of 8-Ball you get from Bartholet’s Asian drug connect Ping Pon Pow.

Adam & Eve recently released a new movie called Double Booked: Honeymoon. Andre Madness, again a co-owner of Nexxxt Level, was the director. I’m sure there was a long and exhaustive casting process involving starlets with dreams and aspirations, auditions, callbacks, the whole thing. But in the end, the two female leads, Lauren (Jonathan’s wife) and Nicole Sage were NL talent at the time of production. Nicole wised up and left NL shortly after. She has a great bush too, but that’s not germane to this matter.

I understand some of you may not be familiar with the word germane, its use is generally restricted to Ivy League porn writers, myself and still undefeated attorney, Denny Crane.  And NO Astrid, germane is not the country that bombed Pearl Harbor.

Lauren Phillips

The movie also includes 5 other Nexxxt Level performers as extras, Katie Morgan, Rebecca Vanguard, Nadia Noja, Oliver Davis, and Tyler Cruise. There’s a total of 13 cast members credited on the back, this makes more than half the cast talent with Nexxxt Level.

nexxxt level

I wonder if Nexxxt Level co-owners Andre and Jonathan (Lauren’s husband) charged Adam & Eve a booking fee for each talent that Nexxxt Level co-owner Andre cast and directed? That’s a nice little racket. Get paid a booking fee for casting the performers on your roster, and then charge the talent commission on the job. This is like Miles Long level of fuckery here. If someone from Adam & Eve would like to answer that, get in touch.

But this is nothing new. Jonathan (Lauren’s husband) and Andre have been doing this for years and they love to flaunt it.

Here’s some more great reading or as the woke say, EDUCATE YOURSELF on Andre and Jonathan (still Lauren’s husband).

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