Nice Guys Finish First

There is a stereotype around sexuality that the nicer you are as a guy, the less sex you will have and the more you will get trapped in the friend zone. As a nice guy myself, that has happened to me a lot, so I know how that feels. You go out of your way to be awesome to some chick, and then she goes out with the jerk on a motorcycle who treats her wrong. However, I’ve also had my fair share of babes who love my niceness, but mostly, I’ve turned to porn in order to get my fill of hot sexuality, which is why I created this site.

However, there is a new sexual study out from the British Journal of Psychology which was published this summer. It actually found that nice guys do finish first, not last! They examined the qualities of 175 single ladies, and 105 hot guys. Those who reported that they were more altruistic (AKA, nice) said that they had more sexual partners overall, including more casual sex and more sex in committed relationships. One of the major factors in whether or not a person would have a lot of sex in their lives was if they were willing to donate an imaginary financial prize to someone.

This is not the only study of this nature to be completed and to find that nice guys have it good. One done at the University of Texas a few years back found that people who were more respectful and not boastful would have the most sexual partners and sexual experiences. Not surprisingly, those people were also said to have been in more committed relationships more easily.

Even another study from the UK asked participants to rate potential matches by different qualities, like whether or not they would go shopping for an old neighbor who couldn’t leave the house. The ones who were more generous were considered to be more attractive, hands down.

Researchers don’t really know why we find niceness attractive, but most evolutionary theorists agree that it’s because when you think about it from the stance of procreation, those dudes would make pretty good dads, because they wouldn’t be taking the food out of their family’s mouths and doing selfish things that would harm people.

So, if you’re a nice guy who has been despairing that chicks only like bad dudes, all of science is here to boost your confidence and prove you wrong. Nice guys finish first and deep down, all people really want is someone nice to go out with. With this new found knowledge making your confidence higher, hop onto some of my favorite dating sites and get out there!

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