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Nick DaKannon Talks about Octomom, Marie Luv, STD’s, Gossiping & Black- Balled 5

NL-I first hear of Nick DaKannon when I read a press release about Twitter where he stated ” I ain’t no Luke Is Back.” So obviously NIck read the site, but I didn’t know who NIck was. So after doing some web research I found out he was an up and coming porn star, in the gay end of things. I also connected with him on Twitter ( and we talked. He’s a cool guy, and he likes to gossip, but he doesn’t most of the time because he says then nobody would be talking to him. So he’s going to leave the gossiping to me, but he did consent to a very interesting interview…

I looked at your twitter and notice that I can see many different parts of your personality, by different things you have said. I’ll give you the quote and you tell me about it.
Okay, that well be coo. Twitter has been opening a lot of doors for me.

The urban tough guy-
“im str8 chillin wit ah 211 bout to watch bad girls club”
Since I get paid to go out to clubs and do porn promotions, I really dont like to do when its not for work. Well not in cali. When im out of state, on the east coast, i go pretty hard. But here, on most nights, i’m hanging with my friends playin video games or at the house drinking cheap beer and watchin trashy t.v.

The gossiper-
“leavin the octo-house after seein the octo-car with the octomom and the octobratz in it
LOL I love making fun of pop culture and the stupid shit these so called “celebrities” be doing. I keep my ear to the streets so i be hearing some pretty juicy stuff. I’m gonna shair some ah lil later. But for the record, I wasnt really at the OcHoe-House

The comedien-

“This game is harder then a virgins dick at ah porn party
I have this extra serious face and i act ah lil uptight but i’ll just bust out sayin some of the corniest shit or makin ah real stupid face. Me, Marie Luv, and Jada Fire at ah porn party is always ah wild time.

A romantic-
“i love early morning walks, its the best time to clear your head
I like to keep my romantic side on the low. You know you cant show everybody that side or they be on your dick like ah too small condom.

You have a really big dick, and it’s uncircumsized, do we have measurements? Why did your Mom NOT have you circumsized?
Oh you did ah lil research. Thats whats up! I got that Justin Slayer dick goin on. 11in of pure uncut choas. I’m not sure why my Mama didnt get my piece circumsized, but I’m kinda glad she didnt. I dont like the look of the custom cut. I even seen one that was overcut. It looked like it was painful to get ah hard-on! Which is what people usually say about the uncircunsized ones.That can also be true with some uncut dicks. I’m glad I have the perfect mix of alot of dick and ah lil bit of foreskin. 

You do gay porn, but say you are bi-sexual? Would you do straight porn? Bi porn? Tranny porn?
Yeah I’m ah bi guy. I love big ass tittz and cute bubble butts. Thats my thing right there, but I dont think i could do st8 porno. I see that as bein my sister’s thing. If I work in str8 porn, it would be behind the camera like ChiChi Larue, but without the drag lol. I cant do bi-sexual porn i would feel like thats too much goin on. Is it still ladies first? I’m so mad because I wanted to work with Stonie before he become Brittney Coxxx. Unlike…. I wanna take ah tranny shot at ah “str8” pornstar soooooo bad right now, but I’m goona stay coo. There isnt anything wrong with liking transexuals but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’d rather have a full woman or a full money then 50% of each.

Have you only topped in films?
When I show up on set, I’m comin there to fuck and get my dick sucked. If you want me to put dick in my month we need to talk about extra money bein thrown at me. You want me to eat ass, thats extra too. I’m ah divo when it come to gettin my money. I turn more jobs down then i work.
Do you do a lot of bj scenes?
I’m never booked for a blow job scene, but ah lot of my stuff ends being that or solo’s because not everybody can take big ass dick. That happened a lot when I was shooting in Miami.

Have you done or when will you do a bottom scene.

My ass is staying closed. LOL I dont plan on doin ah Kurt Lockwood and start off as one thing then turn into something else. Yeah, its true you can get new fans, but you can also turn off the fanbase you already have. Some of your co-workers might look at you different and not want to work wit you anymore. How many “no lists” is Kurt on now that he’s been banged? Or Criss Strokers now that he’s bangin dudes?

Do you use condoms when you do scenes?
Yes, in each and everyone. Being safe is the most important to me. Plus, I thought GayVn didnt look at bareback films. But, I guys they changed that because my homie Rock got ah few GayVn noms for his raw work this year. Good Luck buddy boy 

Do you get tested for STD’s
Hell Yeah!!!! I used to go to AIM to get tested, but it didnt make since to me to pay that much for a test nobody was askin for. So I start goin to this other place in porn valley and its way cheaper and 20-30min results. I took it apond myself to start askin co-workers when they were last tested and if they had their test with them. And if they dont, we’ll do limited oral on me and you cant cum anywhere near me.

What is the hottest scene you’ve ever done?

I shot some stuff for this one site, I think (site has been taken down now) It was me and this other pornstar with a celebrity based name, Eric Estrada. It’s was like ah machofucker scene but with condoms. I got to face fuck him (which i love,) then I fucked the shit outta him, and bust a great nut on his face. Wait, let me re-word that last part cause i didnt literally get shitted on. That would’ve been unprofessional and gross! LOL, lets just say I cocked him to the max.

What is your unfulfilled fantasy.
I’m gonna have to get back to you on that one because i fulfilled it over the weekend. LOL I know I want to fuck somebody while im outta country, Like my boy Breion Diamond did in this movie World Of Flava : Paris.

What do your friends think of you making gay porn movies?

My friends were worried that I was going to start acting like the typical gay pornstar. You know, thinking they’er better then then nomal people because they fuck or get fucked on tape. I just dont get that. I’m still the same thugged out comic book geek i was in high school and they see that. Thats why we all so coo. I told them when my facebook or myspace account has a big ass picture of me or just my body as the backround, thats when they need to come and save me

What does your mom think having two kids in the porn biz ( his sister is Marie Luv)
My mom was so coo with Marie doin it, that it made me want to try. And to this day she still our biggest supporter. When I was workin with Flavaworks in Miami, I was fuckin’ up. I wasnt shootin good stuff cause I was too in my head tryin to be the best, and out of the blue she sent me this text that really turned me around and I started shooting the fire shit that they knew i could do.

Does Marie watch out for you? Or do you watch out for her?
Well in her personal, I go pretty hard, but in her business life, Spiegler has that hands down. I would say we both look out for each other, But I think she goes harder for me then I do for her. At the 2009 AVN convention this year, she came back to the Flavamen booth that I was signin at and let everybody know how she felt about the company LOL. The look on the 3 other guys face was priceless. I dont think the owner heard her but he was right there. He should of. I wanted to go over to the Elegant Angel booth and ask them why my sister wasnt in the   “Performers of the Year 2009” when she was the only black chick to get that nomination. How’d you miss her? I didnt like that at all.

So are you a big gossip? Would you like to have your own gossip column?
I only say things that need to be said, but yeah i likes to get my gossip on. I think having my own gossip site would be ah good and bad thing cause i would talk about celebrities, comic books, music, and everyday crap, and thats cool, but the bad part is that i would want to talk about other pornstars who be livin on str8 front street, but i dont think they’ll like me anymore.

What kind of gossip about the industry can you tell me?

Without sayin too much, but i over heard this one super hot contact chick talkin what sounded like slick-talk about this one up and coming penthouse pet to who i think is her boyfriend. All while said chick is like five or six feet away. At that same award show i saw this one big porno chick ask almost everybody to come sit with her at her table. Nobody would go and when she walked away, we all were laughing at how annoying the chick is. LoL I can go even harder, get my Roger (american dad) swag in full effect and really have people hate me.

“Black Balled 5: Star Fucker” directed by Chi Chi Larue- tell me all about it
Black Balled 5 was the first dvd i shot. It took it as ah big deal to me cause here i was on a set my sister has shot in before and I’m about to fuck this guy I was just jackin off too ah week before. I had so much fun, even with the two camera men and ChiChi sittin at the monitor, tellin us what to do and when to pull back. It was real coo. Dean Monroe kept goin balls deep on my dick and I almost got to be one of the guy who got to D.P. him. That would made this my favorite sence

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