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NIck East Threatens LIB with Legal Actions

NL- You might want to read the story below for this to make more sense


Nick East’s pic from his public My Space page

From Nick

I know it’s not really jeremy and your site. I really do. but he really does like to participate and talk shit about people ALL the time and you let him.
If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing. So yes, I’m angry with you too.
As far as drugs? I was just trying to point out that you should remember me. We actually had quite a email exchange a long time ago concerning jeremy. For you to say you didn’t remember I don’t quite buy. Especially since you admit that you’d heard of me due to jeremy’s rants.
Rants about me and others.
Rants not protected by the first amendment.
And pretty sly thing to do, posting my letter to you.
I tried for years to keep my name off of your site, but that’s not going to happen.
I only started posting when jeremy started harrassing me.
And I don’t care how many pages it takes to find a link to your site on google. Your site has been hostile towards me for years even when luke ran it. there’s never been one good word said about me on this site so why would I expect any other treatment now?
I’m not delusional, I don’t have anger issues. I have a reputation to protect and you allow others to slander me.
If my emails to you seemed hostile, then that’s because I really want you to delete me entirely from this site. I don’t want you to interview me or anything else. I just want to be removed from here. Why is that so hard to understand?


From “Nick”  subject- Cease and Desist
You have no right to publish private emails I send you.
I will be forwarding ALL of the correspondence to my lawyer (yes, I have one) at his insistence.
I intend on suing you for publishing my private emails. I know I will be able to prove maliciousness on your part.
I still have all of our old emails proving you’ve known who I am for quite some time.
The law is on my side and I’m going to use it.
I have been asked, however, to ask you one last time to delete me from your website.

NL-There was no indication or expectation of privacy in our emails, nor did you ask for any. Tell your lawyer to send me what he deems appropriate and I will have my lawyer look into it. I would need an official “cease and desist” to ever consider such an action. And of course since it would then all be a legal action subject to public record,  I would post all that  also for my readers information .

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