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NIck is Still “Droppin Loads”

NL- This must be weird posts day, gag, lol

Nick Manning Tops Himself with Third Load
Chart Topping Spunk-centric Series Champions Sticky Business
(Chatsworth, Ca) – A legend in his own mind, the man solely responsible for the entire collection of the powerful ‘Droppin’ Loads’ series, Nick Manning, returns to spray his sticky spunk on an entirely new crop of seductive sinners, desperately in need of his special brand of salvation.
The breathtakingly beautiful line up of starlets Nick uses as his palette for his special brand of erotic artcore include Dylan Ryder, Tanya James, Dana DeArmond, Taylor Tilden, Kiera King, and Monroe Valentino.
“It’s beyond epic,” Nick Manning assures us. “Watch it. That’s a commandment.”
Droppin’ Loads is the definitive introspective into the chaotic life of the world’d quintessential adult film star. A decade of load droppin’ antics are shockingly accompanied by real life footage of the kig of studs himself – Nick Manning.
“Everyone of these ladies endures the unimaginable fires of Nick’s sexual fury before having their sexual demons exorcised from their perfect, flawless bodies ” posits Sin City Head of Marketing and Production, Devan Cypher. “Dana DeArmond turned in the best performance I have ever seen in my life. If this doesn’t get you off, chances are nothing will.”
Nick mixes footage of him unleashing his savage brand of love making on supermodel hot sluts with over ten years of documentary footage, giving viewers an inside look at the hardest working stiff in the porn.
“Nick is a special brand of crazy,” continues Cypher. “This series showcases a deeper look into the profound forces that have shaped him into the kind of man he is today in a unique way no other series has ever dreamed of before. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it.”
Droppin’ Loads 3 releases this week from Sin City Films.
“What can we say,” asks Sin City General Manager Jared Sturman. “There is simply nothing out there like Nick Manning. Working with him is an unforgettable experience that has changed the way I view not just the industry, but life in general. It’s that powerful.”
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