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Nicki Hunter Benefit At Harper’s Bar

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NORTHRIDGE: Vivid’s Monique Alexander was the only porn star who showed up to Biker Night at Harper’s Bar (19333 Business Center Dr, 91324).

Nicki had just got out of the hospital.

I ask Monique Alexander: “How has being a porn star affected your relationships?”

Monique: “I don’t have any. It’s affected mine dramatically. I’m busy and I’m just focusing on my career. That’s the most important thing. I’m only young once and I’ll only look this good once. Relationships will be there later.”

Luke: “What are your life goals?”

Monique: “To be happy and married one day.”

Luke: “What makes you happy?”

Monique: “Watching other people have a good time.”

Luke: “What makes you mad?”

Monique: “People who ask dumb questions.”

Luke: “What are some of your earliest memories?”

Monique: “When I was three, I put some keys in a light socket and electrocuted myself.”

Dance and choir were her favorite classes in high school.

Gene Ross reports:

Rob Spallone got quoted in the LA Daily News’ Monday feature about the porn industry and wanted to read what they had him saying.

“’Bull?’ I’ve never said the word ‘bull’ in my life,” comments Spallone thumbing through a couple of quotes attributed to him. “Is that it?” Spallone who got interviewed about six weeks ago thought there’d be more to it than that. The article addresses health concerns, and Spallone says he’s never seen the extent of Chlamydia in the business as there is now.

Spallone gets an inquiry about one of the performers on his website- Natlay. He’s surpised to learn that Natlay is a chick with a dick and wants it made a little more obvious that Natlay is a chick with a dick.

Tuesday afternoon, I drive over to Rob Spallone’s Star World Modeling. Rob has decided to close his doors.


Rob: “Because I don’t want to come here every day.”

“I don’t want to work. Lea doesn’t want to work. It’s too much stress on us.”

“I’m moving soon.”

Michael, a Hollywood screenwriter: “You’ve got the ugliest girls in porn.”

Rob: “They all work.”

It took Rob two months and about $50,000 to re-started Star World after nine years away. “I got back about $25,000. I’ll sell off the computers…”

He says he clears about $2,000 a week from it.

Rob claims he’ll clear more than $500,000 this year from shooting movies. “I’ll make $40,000 this month.”

Michael: “Too much work? I’ve been sitting here all afternoon. You haven’t done a thing.”

Rob: “I’m old, Mike. I’m sick with cancer.”

“I have these lumps all over.”

Lea: “Rob, you shouldn’t talk that way.”

Rob got Lea aka Cameron Cain into the industry in 2004, handing her over to Jim South.

Michael: “You’re mellow today. What are you on?”

Rob: “Prozac. A week and a half.”

Luke: “I bet Lea doesn’t get beat as much.”

“Did you find this more effective than anger management class?”

Rob: “Much more.”

Michael: “Rob, I need four guys sitting around talking about how the Israelis are ruining the porn industry.”

Rob: “What do you mean? Israelis are wonderful people.”

With mounting frustration, Rob looks through his files for his anger management certificate.

Luke: “Is it making you mad that you can’t find it?”

Rob: “No, I’m very mellow about it.”

Rob says that a typical pornographers response to theft is “Let’s sue him.”

“Spallone says, ‘Sue? Get me my seven iron and I’ll straighten this guy out.’”

“Lea, call the phone company. Turn off the phones.”

Michael: “What about your rent?”

Rob: “He’s going to let me out of my lease.”

“Tell Lea to call the nigger and get these machines out of here ASAP.”

Rob teaches me to play Texas Hold’Em poker. When I want a new card, I keep saying, “Hit me.”

Rob warns me twice not to say that. The third time, he punches me hard in the shoulder.

I stop saying “Hit me.”

A porn-girl prostitute tells Rob she’s leaving the state to be with her boyfriend in Arizona. He has a girlfriend there.

I’m not allowed to print this girl’s name because her boyfriend will beat her severely.

He lives off her sex work income.

Rob: “You’ll be back in a month crying.”

Girl: “I’m crying now.”

Rob: “Why don’t you go back home?”

Girl: “My parents don’t want me.”

“The plan is that I get a house [in Arizona] so I can live down the street from them.”

Rob: “I’ll tell you what to do. Get a short rope and put it around a tall tree. Put the other end around your neck. Call me up and say, ‘Rob, in an hour, I’m going to do this.’

“I’ll come over with a camera and film it.

“When you do it, a big dildo in your pussy with the name of a company on it.”

Luke: “Why do you listen to black people’s music, Rob?”

Rob: “Lea was driving this car.”

The three of us stop by Bank of America. Rob cashes a check for his ho.

“Why don’t they tell you to take your dirty money elsewhere?” I ask.

“She showers,” says Rob. “I make my money off clean women.”

The bank employees smile and snicker.

Rob tells the teller: “She’s moving to Arizona with her boyfriend and his girlfriend.”

Rob asks the asian teller: “Are you having a puppy? A baby?”

She says yes. She’s pregnant.

Rob: “Your first?”

Teller: “Yes.”

Rob: “When she’s 18, call me. If you name her Rob, I’ll give you an extra $5,000.”

The teller says she has a horse that jumps.

Rob: “[Girl’s name] jumps. Jump!”

When the teller lays thousands of dollars on Rob in cash, he calls it hooker money.

Rob reminds the teller that he’s coming by Tuesday to pick up $500,000 in cash.

Rob plans on buying another race horse.

Rob wants to make Lea pregnant.

I catch up with Nic Cramer. He took some time off porn and when he returned, he found the industry had passed him by. He still shoots features for Private Spain and he plays poker.

Rob: “I use Derek’s girls and guys more than Derek does.”

Luke: “How do you think that makes Derek feel?”

Rob: “I don’t care.”

Luke: “If you could kill five people, Rob, who would they be?”

Rob: “They’d be all black.”

Luke: “Who has to die, Rob? I want you to cleanse this city.”

Nic Cramer: “Steven St. Croix.”

I run into Jim South at Star World. Video

“The paper [L.A. Daily News] today was really negative,” says Jim.

Rob: “It looks like everybody in the business has AIDS.”

Luke: “How’s retirement?”

Jim: “I’m bored to death. I’m thinking of being your assistant. You and I are hated probably the most of anybody in the industry.”

“I’m going to start looking for a little office. I’m going to stay small. I’m going to be more strict. If the girl no-shows once, she gets screamed at. If she no-shows twice, she’s [ejected]. I’ve still got the website [] and the business phone number.”

“I’ve got to do something.”

Luke: “At what point did you get bored?”

Jim: “After a month. I’ve never had a real vacation.”

Rob: “He’d rather play cards seven days a week than go to Hawaii with his wife.”

Jim: “There was an article in the LA Xpress this week saying that I’m closing.”

Rob: “Was it by Bill Margold? The guy who closed down Max Hardcore’s office?”

Jim: “I fixed that.”

“Bill was moving out. He couldn’t do the rent. I got the lady who owns the building to let him manage the upper floor like I did for half his rent.

“After I left, I warned the owner that Bill would kick out Max. And Max pays his rent on time.

“All of a sudden, Mr Marcus tells me that Bill took over Max’s office. I got Bill on the phone. I said, ‘Bill, how did you get Max out?’ He changed the subject.

“He didn’t even tell Max. He just let Mr Marcus take it over. And Max had been paying the rent. You can’t do that.”

Luke: “So, you’re back to work?”

Jim: “I didn’t completely stop. I’ve been booking five to ten people a month. I don’t get many calls because most people think I’m kaputz.”

“T.T. Boy is making a fortune as a distributor. The best male talent I’ve had — like a crowbar. Two, three, four scenes a day. Never had a problem. And no [chemical] assistance.”

“I would love to see more talent do what he’s done so they’re making the big bucks.”

Rob says Steve Austin wants $1,500 a week to run Star World.

Jim South says T.T. Boy slapped Derek Hay ( in Las Vegas a month ago.

Luke: “So there was an altercation?”

Rob: “Altercation? Altercation means two guys fighting each other. Only one person got hit here. T.T. Boy bitch-slapped Derek.”

I emailed Derek about this last week. He did not respond.

I drive over to Harpers Bar. It’s 5:50 p.m. The sign says the starlets arrive at 7 p.m. I decide to get something to eat.

Through my early twenties, my idea of a great place to eat out was The Sizzler. I eat dinner there Monday evening and it’s horrifying. Most of the customers are old and decrepit. I remember the cheese used to be shredded. Now it’s a warm yellow soup. The salad bar is smaller. I feel like the food is unclean.

A white woman complains loudly that she wasn’t given containers for her food to take home. She rouses the manager. She calls the owner. When she finally gets the containers, she yells that she doesn’t want the Mexican waiter “touching her food.”

I hang at Harpers with Dominic, his assistant Scott, Gordon, Tony Batman, De’Bella and company.

Nicki Hunter and her man Josh show up at 8 p.m. A few minutes later, Howard Levine and Vivid girl Monique Alexander arrive.

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