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Nicole Heiress Arrested in Prostitution Sting



SHEFFEILD LAKE, Ohio – Police arrested a porn star in northeast Ohio on Monday after she allegedly posted an ad on-line soliciting sex from her home.
Police said that a tip first led them to a website called That’s what then led them to Olivia *****’s home in Sheffield Lake, ONN’s Cristin Severance reported.
”She was advertising to come play with a playboy bunny,” said Sheffield Lake Detective Shawn Coor. “She gave her physical description as 5 foot 4, 100 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin.”
A quick internet search by ONN showed that Olivia is an adult film star known as Nichole Heiress.
Police said that in the on-line ad, Moore, 24, said that her name was Paige.
”Through several emails with an undercover officer she did solicit sexual favors for the amount of $300,” Coor said.
Coor said that an officer went to her home and gave her the money that was agreed upon and she was arrested.

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