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Nikki Delano Exclusive Interview


2012 Could Be the Year of Nikki Delano
By Natasha Badanov
Nikki Delano came on the scene last year and definitely made her mark—she’s already appeared in two parodies—“American Dad XXX” in 2011 and “El Gordo Y La Flaca XXX” that streets this week. XBIZ and the Galaxy Awards have nominated her for Best New Female Performer. And this week, she’s doing her second feature dancing appearance of the year at Club Mystique in Bridgeport, CT. And next week, she’ll be at the Porn Star Ball in Phoenix, AZ. 2012 could very well be the Year of Nikki Delano. We sat down and asked her some not so run of the mill questions and got to know this smoking hot Latina.

When you were growing up, what did you imagine you would be doing for a living?
As a child I grew up in a very strict regimented home, so I foresaw myself as teacher, doctor or lawyer. Parents usually instill white-collar jobs in the minds of their kid at an early age.
What’s a typical day for Nikki Delano?
A typical day for Nikki would be a big breakfast, filming, going to the gym, and enjoying quality personal time like taking a warm bubble bath alone to unwind. A typical day when I’m not shooting is usually sports-oriented. I love to keep busy and be very active.
I notice you’re feature dancing in Connecticut with Britney Amber next week. What do you like best about feature dancing?

I like to get on stage and perform a choreographed routine and engage the crowd. I love to dance—it’s one of my passions.
What’s you favorite music to dance to when featuring?
I usually put on mixed pop remakes that add zest to the original version of the song.
A lot of porn girls wait to have their own pay site. You got yours up quickly. How did that happen? And what do you like best about
It was hard work and I spent a lot of time building content for it on my off time. The best part of my site is that it’s centered around me and fans can come check it out to get there daily dose of Nikki whether they read my blog, watch my movies, check me out on Streamate or scroll through my pictures.
Porn stars are often misunderstood. What’s a misconception about you that’s totally wrong? And why?
That I’m dumb and have no education. I went to a four-year university and have a degree in Forensic Psychology and Double Minor in Addiction Studies and Criminology.

You’ve become very successful in a short amount of time and made almost 75 movies, what do you think has made you so successful?
I have actually filmed over 100 films and what separates me apart is that I’m Latina, but I’m definitely not your typical Latin woman. I’m blonde, light-skinned and have green eyes. Also I have a muscular build.
When you’re doing a scene, what’s running through your mind?

What’s running through my mind when shooting a scene is hoping my fans will love it and want to come back for more of Nikki. My fans are very important to me.
How did you feel when you were nominated for the XBIZ Award for Best New Comer?

It was cool to be nominated for my hard work in the industry. It means the industry and the fans recognize that.
What was it like to attend your first AVN Award Show and AEE Tradeshow?

It was lots of fun and it meeting so many fans was great. The tradeshow was insanity but I loved it. It’s like an Exxxotica times 10! The awards show was also a blast and I enjoyed dressing up and walking the red carpet. Hopefully, next year, I’ll receive a nomination or two.
Who’s been your favorite performer (or performers) to work with?
Cathy Heaven! She’s a European porn star from Budapest. She has a similar body frame and is also fitness-oriented—and we look great on film together. We shot a girl-girl erotica scene together for HBO.
What advice would you give a new girl just entering the industry?

It’s not easy to be a performer and you need to be mentally strong and levelheaded. You will lose friends, your family will frown upon you, peers will turn there back on you and you will definitely encounter some shady people in the business.
What’s something you want to do on screen that you haven’t done yet?
Anal. I have not shot anal on film yet so that’s my next move in the business.

Are you going mainstream anytime soon?
Yes, I’m going to be in a mainstream movie called “Hallow Pointe”, which I’m very excited about.
Do people recognize you in the street? If they do, what’s your reaction?
Yes, they have, especially when I’m on vacation in Vegas. They get all hyper and goo-goo-gaga. But I love it, because it makes me feel complete knowing they’re watching my movies.
What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

Would you suck my small penis, and then bite it? LOL That’s one of the funniest gestures that I’ve heard.
Best pick-up line ever used on you?

None, I just like a confident man with charisma and charm, that’s a deal stealer.
You played Shakira in a recent parody of the El Gordo Y La Flaca talk show. How did you prepare for that? Did you have to study Spanish for the role?

I’m Latina so I know Spanish, but I also memorized a script. I also hired a choreographer to get Shakira’s moves down pact.
If you weren’t doing porn, what would you be doing?
Probably be back in school getting my nursing degree. 
What other events do you have coming up soon?

Exxxotica, feature dance tours, shooting, filming the mainstream movie, etc.
Look in your crystal ball? What do you see in the future for Nikki Delano?

Lots of success and prosperity in anything that I decide to do because I’m hardworking and disciplined.  

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