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Nikki Jayne on Derek, her wedding, Fake people in LA and some crazy ex-boyfriends…

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Nikki Jayne is Vivid’s newest contract star. She’s a tall beautiful blonde, with a sexy English accent. She loves to talk, and tells fantastic, shocking, funny stories. Her first and so far ONLY ever XXX movie, The Nikki Jayne Experiment, came out last month to rave reviews. It’s got five hours of hardcore footage, and five of the scenes, including a DP, feature Nikki. She really started her Vivid career off with a bang!

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
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X: Because you are from Wigan, (England), somehow that got changed into you are a Wiccan. It is all over the internet. There are stories saying that you like ouiji boards, and are into the occult and visit psychics.
N: No I am not into ouiji boards or the occult. I’m not a Wiccan. I do go to psychics, but it is kind of therapy for me. The thing with me is I have too many options in life and I never know which path to take so I end up stuck. So I think my obsession with Tarot cards and psychics is someone helping me chose a path. Things that they have told me have been really accurate, I find that interesting. I don’t do it here in the states, but I will be going to the tarot reader when I go back home to England. But I’m not some weird ouiji board person. I’m not into the devil or anything.
X: So when you go back to visit England, where are you going?
N: Manchester. I lived there for four years. That’s where all my friends are. I am more of a city girl, then a country girl.
X: I’ve never been to England. I think of gray and rainy and castles. What are the big differences between England and the U.S.?
N: I think England is the total polar opposite to America. I suppose in America each state is different, so I would class each state as a different country, you know what I mean?
X: Uh huh.
N: People are pretty much the same everywhere in England except for the accents. We say people down south are less friendly, but I think the busier the place the less personal people are. People are just wrapped up in their own world, like in New York City for example. There are big differences from England to the states. I always thought that L.A. would be my dream place and I would love it because it’s sunny and it’s where all the media is and all the fun places and the big city. I’ve kind of realized that the only good thing about L.A. is the sunshine and the career. I can make a good career. I like driving around in the sunshine, it makes me feel happy, and I like the beaches. But apart from that I don’t really think there is anything else I like about L.A. I’ve met some nice people, maybe 20% nice people, 80% phony people. There is a lot more bitchiness here, and fake people. I never really believed in all that when I used to hear it. I thought it was people overreacting. But it is true. I have never witnessed things like I have witnessed here. Have you seen the film Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino?
X: Yes. It was a long time ago though. He plays the father right.
N: Yes and the devil. (And Keanu Reaves plays a small town lawyer) The lawyer and his wife live in this small town and they move to NY and that’s where all the temptations are, and all these bad people and I really do believe, to me, that L.A. feels like Devil’s Advocate. I haven’t really made any friends here, that’s been kind of difficult and I just need to go home to reality. I think the overall differences are that L.A. has the beaches and the sunshine and there are a lot of opportunities to make money and become successful. The thing about England is that it’s cold and it’s gray and it’s depressing, but people are more family orientated and more straight-forward and down to earth. I wouldn’t necessarily say English people are friendlier, but they won’t pretend to like you. Here people pretend to be your friend when they’re not. Whereas in England if people don’t like you they will just tell you they don’t like you.
X: Did you do porn in England?
N: No. My main motivation was to get out of the country and live somewhere that it was hot and sunny. If I could have done it in the South of France or Spain I would have gone there. It just happened that L.A. was where I could do porn and make money.
X: Have you been to other states and cities? Because it’s not all like L.A.
N: I’ve been to Vegas. I love Vegas. In Vegas everyone is a party animal, everyone is drunk. It reminds me of adult Disney Land. I love New York because the people seem more down to earth. I don’t like the weather there though, it’s kinda stuffy and humid and I feel like I can’t breathe.
X: You wouldn’t like the humidity in Miami then.
N: I went to Miami, but I went in December and I loved Miami. I think I might like San Francisco. I think maybe one day I’ll live in the Caribbean or move to Brazil, somewhere mad like that.
X: Why did you decide to be a Vivid girl?
N: I always knew that I would work in the adult industry. I thought Jenna Jameson was cool. I love traveling and I wanted to get out of England. I need a job that is unconventional, that I am good at, that uses my body and sexuality and energy. I need a job that’s going to pay me well and I can make a long-term business out of it. I’ve always been a sexual person so doing porn fits all the things I wanted in a job.
X: So far for Vivid, you have done one movie called the Nikki Jayne Experiment, and you did five sex scenes for it. That’s a lot of sex in a row, isn’t it?
N: Not really. The whole movie was based around me. When you are a contract girl you don’t really work a lot, ya know. I may work once every two months. So when I shot five sex scenes in four days I was ready for it.
X: And horny for it?
N; You could you put it like that. But not so much horny. I like to be creative and express myself. I like to see the end product, what I’ve created.
X: And you did a double penetration in that movie. How was it?
N: It was good. I’ll do anything. I am kind of extreme. If it wasn’t going to jeopardize my career I would probably be doing really extreme things, but that wouldn’t be a wise choice.
X: Probably not as a Vivid girl. Why did you want to get out of England?
N: I used to live with a guy who paid my rent and he bought me a Mercedes and a BMW, but he was a bit crazy and too much for me and I couldn’t handle him. He was married. Honestly he was the craziest man I’ve ever met in my life. We were in a London hotel and he was blasting heavy metal music and partying all night. It was 8 o’clock in the morning and I hated heavy metal music and I ran into the parlor and I burst out crying and I wrote a letter to God saying Please God, don’t let me become this shallow to hang around with such an idiot, just because he is nice to me and gives me money and buys me cars. About a week later I just decided I don’t need this man anymore. I don’t need the hassle. I’ve got a brain and a body and drive and ambition I can look after myself. So I wanted to be free like a butterfly. There were other reasons, but that was one reason I wanted to leave the country.
X: Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex.
N: Probably in hospital.
X: Were you visiting or a patient? Who was in the hospital?
N: Me. I jumped out of a window and broke both of my feet and I was in plaster for two months.
X: Why did you jump out of a window?
N: I was trapped. This guy, my boyfriend at the time, had locked me in the house. It’s a long stupid relationship story, but basically I got a job as a stripper and didn’t tell him and when he found out he was going really mental. So he was going to go to my friend’s house and tie her up and try to get the truth out of her. So he locked me in the apartment and I jumped out the window and broke both my feet, ended up in hospital. Then because I was so bored, and he came and visited me, we got back together and with my two broken feet, we used to go in the hospital bathroom and have sex.
X: I don’t blame you for getting out of England. It seems like you attracted all the crazy men.
N: No, not really. I had some really really nice boyfriends. I mean I am always into crazy and weird but, no that was stuff I did at 18, 19 years old.
X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
N: Yeah. I want to be a Roman sex slave. I think that will be my next movie with Vivid. I will get fucked by a bunch of Roman soldiers, just treated like a little ho, I like that a lot.
X: Which Vivid girl do you think is the sexiest?
N: I used to think Sunny Leone, now I don’t know. I go for personality. I am more into someone like Belladonna because she is hot and sexy and I’m not into the pretty, pretty girly thing. I like girls to be like a lipstick lesbian. Someone who is hot, but they don’t have to wear a pink dress or lots of makeup. I had a girlfriend once in England and she was a professional dancer and a fire breather and she wore ripped jeans and tank tops and cool boots. Like a hot Tomboy girl.
X: Belladonna has that look. Sex just oozes out of her. Do you have tattoos?
N: No. I think it works for my career that I am fresh and as natural looking as possible. I just have one piercing and it’s in my pussy. I just leave my hair long and straight.
X: Well you are very pretty, and you have a sexy accent. But I bet you hear that all the time.
N: They tell me that here (about the accent), but not when I was in England.
X: What kind of guys do you like?
N: I used to like dark eyes, but I’ve changed. I like a guy that is confident, but not cocky, affectionate but not a softy, generous but not a pushover, ambitious but not greedy.
X: Do you see yourself getting married and having kids?
N: Yes for sure. I want to live a life full of love and happiness. I want to teach my kids to be good moral individuals and let them go to dancing school and stuff like that so that they have options for their future. I know that takes finances so I am trying hard to make a living so that when I do want kids I can give them the best life possible.
X: Are you still seeing Derek? (Derek Hay is head of LA Direct Models and also acts in porn as Ben English)
N: Yeah.
X: Are you still engaged?
N: No. We were going to get married, but now we are not doing that.
X: Because you were going to get married and then you didn’t, I wondered if you broke up.
N: No. I mean we do break up but then we get back together the next day. It’s hard for me because I have no one here, only him. So he is my best friend, a lover, a boss, and an agent. I’ve found a lot in one person. Sometimes I think I am too much for him. I talk too much. I am too much of a rollercoaster. I’m up then I’m down, then I’m crazy then I’m happy, then I’m mad. You just never know with me.
X: That gives him something else to think about besides work, because I know he works all the time.
N: He works a lot. He is ambitious
X: Except for the dark eyes, everything you said you wanted in a guy, it seems like Derek has.
N: He’s got the nicest eyes I’ve ever seen.
X: Have you met Derek’s ex-girlfriends? Have you met Hannah Harper and Brooke Haven? Girls that he used to have a relationship with?
N: He’s probably dated like 30% of the people on his website, so it doesn’t really make a difference to me. With each person you really have a different connection. I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. Everyone has ex-girlfriends, it’s just unfortunate that a lot of them are still in contact with him. Plus he could never do anything behind my back because I would know, because everyone knows everyone. I try to look on the bright side, not the negative.
X: Isn’t it funny that you move here from England and end up with a guy from England?
N: Kind of unusual. But I couldn’t be with an American man. He wouldn’t understand me. Americans don’t get me. They think I am weird. We are just totally different cultures. They wouldn’t understand my lingo. They wouldn’t understand anything about me.
X: I think you are cool.
N: I think I am cool too, (Laughs) but I don’t think they would understand me. Words that I say and things that I do. Maybe it’s fate that I’m with an English guy.
X: Have you seen your skateboard?
N: Yeah, I love it.
X: Isn’t it weird to see your face on a skateboard?
N: Kind of, but I like it, and I like the turquoise color that they choose. I want to take one home.
X: For your brother.
N: Well I think it’s got my boobs on there though.
X: You’ll have to autograph it over the part that he wouldn’t want to see. Where else would you like to have your face? Boy that could be a loaded question.
N: On a big billboard in the middle of New York, on the side of a bus, up the side of a high building with really high heels on so I am towering.
X: Thirty stories high would be good. What is your website?
X: Do you have a myspace page where your fans can reach you?
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
N: The best thing would be for them to come and see me in person, either at a convention or when I am dancing or at personal appearances.

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