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Nikki Phoenix to perform on the AEE convention floor

EDM Duo act Jackeld Phoenix scheduled to perform on the AEE convention floor Thursday and Friday while Nikki Phoenix Hosts multiple parties  
It has been an year of unprecedented Mainstream and Adult successes for Nikki Phoenix (@ IamNikkiPhoenix); who along with her duo partner JackEL are the EDM Duo and Producer act Jackeld Phoenix. In addition to her scheduled appearance at the SHOTshow in support of her newly released 2016 Vang Comp Systems Calendar, Phoenix has been hard at work in the studio and rehearsals with her Duo partner JackEL and her aerial duo partnerJaelynn Wilde for her upcoming performances at AEE, featuring the Jackeld Phoenix Signature Show, including live singing, musical instruments, DJing, acrobats, and her one of a kind Duo Lyra performance, the first of it’s kind in the Aerial community. The show, which was debuted at their headlining musical festival performance earlier last year has been a huge hit with crowds. In addition,Phoenix will be hosting the AVN opening party at Foxtail at SLS, one of her favorite venues in Las Vegas tonight, and Jackeld Phoenix will also be DJing Friday night at No Regrets. To top off their busy week, Jackeld Phoenix also completed a group interview along with the Godfather of House,Chip E. discussing their musical collaborations.
“We couldn’t be more happy this year, with Jackeld Phoenix headlining our first Music Festival, our music in rotation on the radio, hitting #1 on Soundcloud, signing our distribution deal with Beatport, and our music appearing in the first Casino Game featuring skill based gaming.” stated Phoenix“It’s been a whirlwind with our performances at nightclubs and with the mainstream modeling and spokesmodel work I have continued to do throughout the year, but it was even sweeter that AVN recognized the hard work of our new production company Little Dragon Pictures with a nomination for Best New Imprint, and our movie Pretty Kitties for Best Soundtrack. However, nothing could be sweeter than performing at AEE to support an industry that has been so supportive of me and all of my endeavors. I’m also looking forward to my upcoming Hosting appearance at Foxtail at SLS tonight, as well as our Jackeld Phoenix DJ appearance Friday at No Regrets. It definitely lets the world know that performers and producers are no longer stigmatized by this wonderful industry, and can pursue Mainstream and Adult careers and success at the same time. JackEL and I, as well as our management team and Label would like to thank everyone in the Industry, our distributors Juicy and Beatport, as well as Vang Comp Systems and our mainstream partners, all of the Nightclubs and Festivals who have supported us, as well as all our fans and supporters for an amazing year, and I promise this is just the start of our incredible journey together.”
Particularly proud of Ms. Phoenix was the President of Vang Comp Systems, Cody Stewart, who has been a staunch supporter of Ms. Phoenix because of her pro 2nd amendment stance and her desire to support his company and it’s outstanding products that set it apart from all other manufacturers and gunsmiths in the industry. In addition to the Calendar appearance this year, which fans have been eagerly awaiting, Vang Comp Systems has also debuted their new line of custom built long range bolt action rifles at the 2016 SHOTshow.

“This was a very special year for us at Vang Comp Systems.” 
said Cody Stewart, President of Vang Comp Systems, “This year saw us work very hard, and expand our line of products to include custom built long range bolt action rifles, including our signature Manchester model, named after Brian Manchester well known attorney and avid sportsman. It’s something we are especially proud of and demonstrates our ability to not only be the world leader in shotgun technology, but be at the forefront of pistol, rifle and now bolt action rifle design and fabrication. It was especially gratifying to have our Calendar model, Ms. Phoenix, come to SHOTshow to support our products and our Calendar that she has appeared in for the 2nd year in a row.”
Jackeld Phoenix have been hard at work preparing for their performances at AEE, which will beThursday and Friday, from 2pm to 4pm on the Stage at the Joint, where they will entertain the convention crowds with their DJing, their live singing, music, and their aerial and acrobatic performances. The act, the brainchild of Phoenix, JackEL and their management, was designed to showcase all of the Duo act’s many talents, as well as make their performances more interactive than the standard DJ show, which Phoenix and JackEL found often times separate the crowd from the DJ rather than immersing everyone together in an experience. The goal of the act was to make the the experience more entertaining to the crowd, by providing a circus like atmosphere with the numerous acrobatic and dancing acts, so the experience was a visual one in addition to an auditory one.Phoenix is also looking forward to her hosting appearance tonight at Foxtail at SLS, for the opening party of AVN. The venue, one of Phoenix’s favorites, has been a frequent spot for her to visit, so it was especially memorable to now host an event there.
“I’m really looking forward to hosting this event at Foxtail, which together with LiFE are two of my favorite venues here in Las Vegas to take my friends. One of the things that makes SLS as a property stand out is the level of customer service that the staff has. They go out of their way to make every guest feel special and do everything they can to make sure that the overall experience is one that lasts a lifetime.” Said Phoenix, “I want to say a special thank you to SLS Marketing Director Kozmoe Alonzo, who leads by example and is one of the best in the industry, and want to thank the SLS family for all of their support over the years, as well as all of the Billboards they have had up everywhere in Las Vegas in support of the event.”
For bottle service and table reservations please contact:
Gabriel Swinn,
SLS VIP Services
for more information on the Venue and the Event please visit:
To top off the their busy week, Jackeld Phoenix will perform a special guest DJ set on Friday atmidnight at well known Vegas watering hole No Regrets. The DJ performance will be in support their friend Venus Lux and her event will also feature a performance by the Starr Sisters, with everyone excited to have have locals Phoenix and JackEL make a point to support such a well known Vegas locals venue.
“I’m so excited for this exciting evening of some of the best talent the adult industry has to offer,”says host Venus Lux“I’ve enjoyed the music of Jackeld Phoenix for awhile now and they are going to bring it big time tomorrow night.”
for more information about the event please contact:
Lainie Speizer
No Regrets is located at:
 8349 W Sunset Rd #150, Las Vegas, NV 89113

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