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Nina Hartley In Heeb Magazine

Sheldon Ranz writes on

HEEB magazine is a quarterly periodical published and written by liberal/left Jews who enjoying putting their own spin on certain anti-Semitic epithets (the way some African-Americans have used the N word). It began with a start-up grant from, believe it or not, Steven Spielberg.

An earlier issue featured bonerizingly hot comedienne Sarah Silverman review a Vivid feature.

Sillverman-lookalike Joanna Angel’s recent VCA feature, “Porny Monster”, opens with Angel in a diner reading the latest issue of HEEB.

Well, I received my latest HEEB magazine in the mail, and what do I find on Page 22, on the left-most column?

“jmilfs: heeb’s salute to Jewish moms” [Note: jmilfs = Jewish Moms I Love to Fuck] by David Deutsch and Joshua Neuman:


According to the well-known stereotype, Jewish moms are overbearing and overprotective. In an effort to quash this fashionable formula, we decided to list some of the ladies who makes us hot and not merely bothered.

Penina Rosenblum: Model, actress, journalist, cosmetics company founder, Knesset minister…and now, JMILF.

Laurie David: This JMILF beings new meaning to the phrase, “It’s getting hot in here.”

Nina Hartley: 35C-24-38, more than 700 adult films and she’s 48 years old. The numbers don’t lie for this JMILF.

Kathie Lee Gifford: Warrants the creation of an acronym for a Jewish mother I’d love to hate-fuck (JMILHF?)

Brooke Burke: The ‘Rock Star’ host and youngest JMILF on our list gave birth to her third daughter this past January. Pray she didn’t name any of them “Stacy” because when she goes to school, they’re never going to hear the end of it.

Cindy Margolis: Once the “most downloaded woman” on the Internet, she’s now the national spokesperson for Resolve, the national infertility association. If anyone could make jerking off into a plastic cup appealing, it’s this JMILF.

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