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Nina Mercedez Hates Dumb People




Picture courtesy of HeartBreaker Films

From her Myspace Blog-

Put your fucken dogs on a leash!!!
Current mood:  pissed off

OK if you walk your dog put them on a fucken leash I am so sick of those assholes who say “oh my dog listens” well good for you but my dog eats other dogs so when your dog comes running up to my dog who is on a leash by the way and your 10 feet behind him and my Pit eats your dog, The headlines are gonna read PITBULL ATTACKS even though my dog was on a leash! OMG sorry everyone I am venting I walked my dogs and Hercules almost ate another dumb ass dog who was off leash and the owner was such a prick! Saying “be nice about it were, in California” fuck that! :Be nice” I don’t care if were underwater there is a leash law in California! Fucken dick!!!!! God I hate dumb people he is lucky I didn’t beat him with Thor’s Leash!!!

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