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Nina Mercedez is ANNOYED with Ryan Rayzer


Thanks for your comments on the Luke Ford (dotcom) situation babe I appreciate it.  I wrote a blog about it on

Here it is-  

Nina Mercedez is a Spammer?? WTF
Current mood:  annoyed

So someone on a well know blog ( I won’t mention the name of the blog as to not stoop to his level) recently posted that Tera Patrick Nina Mercedez and Gina Lynn are spammers on myspace. (the only reason I know this is because they’re blog is sending so much traffic to my website..LOL maybe you should join my affiliate and at least make money off of it)

This guy is basically complaining about my “Add my hot Friend” bulletins. Anyway there are a few things about this blog I do want to clear up!

First of all Ryan wrote: ” Today Nina Mercedez posted that she wants you to add her friend, Nina Mercedez. Oh yes I actually just said what you think I said. Can anyone says Ooops!”
OK this never happened it is complete Bullshit! look at my bulletin posts nothing was even posted at that time on that date! I posted add HeartBreaker Films and yes my photo was on it. It is my fucking company!
Second Ryan wrote: Nina Mercedez could not be reached for comment on this story
Bullsht again my emails all work fine and so do my phone numbers anyone who knows me knows I can ALWAYS be reached!

Look myspace is place for social networking but unlike some of the girls you have grouped me with (one of which has admitted to not running her myspace page) I personally run my myspace by myself I did hire Outbreak Marketing to do some networking for me on my bulletin board (ONLY) with other girls but I know all these girls I trade bulletins with and I personally send out bulletins myself but I also leave comments on my new friends pages and unlike MOST girls I accept messages on here and I answer as many as I can personally, I am on here everyday. I write my blogs personally and I update my mood and status several times a day. I don’t have a crew of people doing it for me! Like he is insinuating.

I think people forget bulletins are optional to read if you don’t want to click on them then don’t. If they bother you that much and you don’t want to meet some new cool people the delete me off your friends list. But don’t try and blast me on Blogs and try to make me look like a fool! I run several websites and blogs myself I am not perfect and I will admit to mistakes but this is bullshit and stupid! I get several emails daily from guys and Girls saying “please send me all your hot friends” I may get people who delete me and that’s fine but myspace is about networking and the bulletin board is there for just that! I know all the girls I ask you to add Fembomb for instance is a great person she comments her friends with personal messages, Lisa Marie is a fitness model and is very sweet and Sophia Santi I know very well. I do not send out spam and neither does OutBreak Marketing, the other day a well know girl was posting Bulletins saying “It’s my birthday today can everyone send me 1 dollar” That’s spam or “Do you know how much your worth” that’s spam but “add my hot friend” that’s an option your choice add them or don’t add them whatever but stop bitching and find someone else to hassle!

Ryan say’s I should only post bulletins when I have an upcoming appearance or a press release but who are you to set the rules and tell me what I should be posting this is myspace buddy I’ll post whatever I want! YOUR NOT THE DAMN DECIDER! GET OFF MY PAGE!
Nina Mercedez

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