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NL tells Donny to Grow Up & Apologize or Else..

I thought you and I were friendly, and now I read that you are calling me names, and spewing wrong information. I think you ought to check your facts. You are going to piss me off, and  that will be the end of our relationship. Stop acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Grow up and fight your battles like an adult. And fight with the people involved, don’t bring me into it.

 I’ve been writing about the porn industry for 16 years, way longer then you’ve been in it. I have a good reputation and am well liked by most of the folks involved in the adult biz. (Which is more then I can say about you) I have made a full time living as a writer for ten years now, google my name, it’s CINDI, with two “i”’s LOFTUS.

I have nothing to do with any awards show. I am, however, a voter in every award show including AVN & XRCO. You give respect ( as I did when I interviewed you) you get respect.

If you bring up my name one more time, in  a negative way, about something I have nothing to do, with I am done with you.

Otherwise I expect an apology.


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